My First Time Getting a Colonic and I Lived to Tell About It

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If you've been following along with me on Instagram then you know that last month I got my very first colonic in life done. For the past 2 years I've been on a genuine wellness journey to improve my mental, spiritual and physical health. I cleaned up my diet, drastically cut down meat and dairy consumption (I even tried going vegan but it wasn't for me so I'm a part time vegan instead.), started drinking water and tea almost exclusively and got back to running and practicing yoga consistently. My journey towards the end of last year led me to learn more about my body and the organs that it’s made up of more to build on taking better care of myself. I had been wanting to try out a colonic for a while but the whole thought of the process always made me hesitant until last November.

I've been doing a lot of reading and research about the human body. I learned that most diseases, illnesses and cancers are a result of something going on with the colon. The colon is another name for the large intestines. This organ works around the clock removing waste and toxins from our bodies. Think of the colon as the trash man that comes on a regular schedule to pick up and remove your trash. After all the organs have gotten what nutrients they could from your food, it’s the colon’s responsibility to properly dispose of the leftovers and any toxins that the liver extracted. When your colon cannot move the waste along and eventually excrete it, we can get sick and/or experience things like constipation, diarrhea, etc. Think about it, if that waste isn’t moving along and out of us like it should, it just hangs out in our colon! This is not good and creates an environment for disease, parasites and worms. Yes, we have or have had worms or parasites living inside of us. We, many times, ingest parasites or worms from contaminated vegetables and plants we eat and from meat we consume; especially red meat. We can also ingest them from contaminated water. I imagined that in my 31 years of living, there was some stuff hiding out in there that needed cleaning out of my colon to further improve my health.

I made an appointment to get mine done at the Queen AfuaWellness Center. I am big on energy and vibrations and the environment there felt very cozy and calming. My practitioner's name was Esther and I felt at ease around her (which is important for a procedure of this matter) and she patiently explained everything before, during and after the procedure. Before I got on the table we did some quick breathing exercises that I could do once on the table to help me to stay relaxed. Once on the table, I was instructed to lay in the fetal position on the left side to prepare for insertion. Then I was lubed and ready for this to go down.

I took one of these per night 3-4 days before
my colonic to help the 
procedure eliminate as
much waste as possible. 
So you want to know what it was like, right? Well, the best word I can use is "interesting". It's not an everyday feeling of a tube going up your butt hole. Esther did a really good job of making me feel as at ease as possible during the whole process. Some places use a speculum (like the ones used at your annual OB/GYN check up) to open up the butt hole before inserting the tube and other places don't. They used one on me. I was pretty relaxed so the insertion wasn't painful, it just felt odd. Though I wasn't in pain, I'd like to try another place that doesn't to see and observe the differences. It felt cool feeling the water fill up inside of me and knowing exactly where my large intestines were located in my body. As the water filled up, I was instructed turn onto my back and she massaged my colon the help water loosen and capture waste so that it would be released or "eliminated" as she called it. After a while I felt full like when you eat too much and I could even hear the water sloshing around inside of me. When Esther was finished massaging the colon, I rolled back onto my left side into the fetal position. The whole thing lasted around 30 minutes and I didn't eliminate any waste during the procedure which she informed me was common when it was one's first time. When the tube was taken out of me, I was immediately ushered to the bathroom. I barely was able to close the door and just made it to the toilet in time when it ALL came out. I'd say it was a good 10-15 minutes for everything to come out but it felt like hours.

What was it? It wasn't poop. It was all the water and everything that it had picked up that came out. Most people wouldn't want to see what came out of them but I'm a curious cat so I looked. The water was brown with bits of food from things consumed previously and of all the things that I saw that was wild to me it was chia seeds from something I had consumed from either a smoothie or yogurt a while ago! Once I was finished eliminating, I almost immediately felt clearer and cleaner inside. That's the best way I can describe it. A day or so after I noticed that I had a different glow to my skin and gleam to my eyes. I do feel that it was from cleansing my colon out. The power of water, man. I was told to eat light foods and clear broth soups the rest of the day and the next day I could go back to eating as usual. Though the experience was at times a little odd feeling and uncomfortable, I felt that it was worth it and is good for my health and the maintenance of my colon. I plan to get colonics done 2-3 times per year although it is recommended to do them once a month. Maybe I will graduate to that frequency in the future but for now, paired with eating well, drinking lots of alkaline water and quarterly at home colon cleanses/detoxes, I think that I will be good.

Remember how I was talking about parasites and worms living in our colons earlier? Well much later when I was home, I went to the bathroom and a little more eliminating happened. Me being curious, I looked again to see what came out. Low and behold a parasite was eliminated!!!!! OMG. I took pictures and shared them with my little sister because she's a registered nurse and she confirmed that it was probably a parasite. If that wasn't enough inspiration for me to continue eating clean/er, I don't know what is. It was wild to see that. That was living inside of me!!!! Though it's gross, I'm glad it was removed. Life, man.

Have any of you had colonics done? What was your experience like? Any of you interested in getting one?

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goalsandbudgets said…
Wow! Makes me want to get one done just to see if there are any parasites in my colon. =o I am enjoying the posts about your health journey.
Anonymous said…
Hi Milan!! I definitely want to get one (or several)! As soon as I move back home or to a place where I'm comfortable going to the doctors I'll definitely get one done.
Geri said…
Parasites? Wow. What did it look like? A bug? A worm? I'm grossed out, but curious still. I've been debating getting this done myself. You were so candid w your experience. Thank you for sharing!