AGCM Book Club /// Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen

My father got everyone in the family this book, Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential, as one of our Christmas gifts. I enjoy Joel Osteen's sermon's whenever I've been able to catch  them on tv and I love that he smiles while talking throughout his whole service! He's just so mellow, wise, humorous and smiley. Lol.

I was excited to dig into this book because this year I wanted to take things to the next level and I like reading what people I deem as successful in their own right have to say about attracting and living the life you want. I'm 31 and it's go time; time to shine. I've been there done that on working jobs I couldn't grow and shine in. It's time to really start "living my best life". This book was chock full of messages that God and the Angels had been saying to me for a while. Throughout reading it, I got the messages again and acknowledged them. Rather you're a Christian, another faith or super spiritual like me, there are things that anyone can take away from the book. I really appreciated him encouraging people to mind their outlooks on things. I mean, you can choose to be miserable at your job or be thankful that you even have one while you look for another job or opportunity that honors your goals and desires more. I also love that he talked about your past or your family not defining your journey and success. I finished the book inspired to honor my gifts and passions this year and that if I'm going in the direction of my purposes are, I cannot lose.

Have you read the book? What did you take away from it?

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Shulammite said…
I had this book for years and decided to take it to HPB with all the others that sat on the shelf unread. Then, I read your post and decided to read it. Well, the book was available as an MP3 on the library website so I checked it out for 14 days. First, I agree with you that he is "mellow, wise, humorous and smiley." I can hear him smiling the entire time he reads his books. I really enjoyed this book and felt that he was speaking directly to me each time he said "friend". I listened to it in 2 days! I took some books to HPB to sell and I got enough back to buy the book and I bought the journal that goes with it. Wow! I really feel like I can have my best life now. Thanks for reviewing this book and sparking my interest.
Milan said…
Hey Shulammite, how awesome! I took a lot away from the book. I hope you will too!