I Still Miss Suede Magazine

It was my favorite urban, multi-cultural women's fashion magazine. Suede had magic that is incomparable, it's sad they only got to print 4 issues. Suede magazine debuted in 2004 and by 2005 was a wrap. I had all four issues, I wish I had saved them! I was a broke college student and eagerly absorbed every issue that came out. The issues and glossy pages took me away to another world of urban diva fabulousness that I knew I would get to partake in once I graduated and wasn't broke anymore.

Vogue and Harper's Bazaar were available to us but they weren't talking to us. Suede was. I loved seeing women that looked like me on almost all of the pages and designer wares and beauty and style tips being shared and discussed with us. Though I couldn't afford practically any of the styles showcased at the time (broke college student), they inspired me and my outfit pairings. My favorite issues were the debut one with Alicia Keys on cover and the Eve cover. Just the energy behind it and the visuals always spoke to me, excited me and inspired me. I know how tough the magazine industry can be, especially the print magazine world but I just miss Suede. I wish they would come back digitally, print again or something. What did you love about Suede magazine?

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Tanya said…
Eve looks great.

al-x said…
Suede was great, I had those issues, the magazine was luxurious in paper quality and size, I held on to my Tyra issue for years before discarding because it was so pretty.