Learning My Rwandan Heritage // Rwandan Singer/Artist: Teta Diana

teta diana
Rwandan singer artist: Teta Diana
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Last year I found out that I'm a "young East African girl" after all. Lol. I am of Rwandan-Burundian descent on my mother's paternal side of the family and have since been learning about the culture and history. Recently someone reached out to me via email and shared with me a ton of Rwandan links and information. I'm so thankful for them sharing all that they did; it was a huge help and so kind of them. I had a post where I talked about Rwandan artist, Nicole Musoni, whom I really like. She's like a Rwandan Selena, except she doesn't dance. In the email they shared with me some other musicians to check out. One of them is named Teta Diana. While Nicole is pop-R&B, Teta is more contemporary Rwandan music. Her single, "Kata" has those feel good, let's dance vibes. I couldn't find a website for her but she has a Facebook page at Teta Diana. Any of you know of any other Rwandan-Burundian artists that I should know about?

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