Music That Can Mac // J Dilla and Entrstellar

Happy Friday! Between J Dilla and Entrstellar, I've been floating in musical bliss all week. J Dilla "Donuts" (affiliate link), a classic, has been in heavy rotation and made the work week all that much sweeter, no pun intended. You can pick up the frequency of the fun and soul he had making his music. Don't you just love art like that?

I've also been vibin out hard to producer duo, Entrstellar. My very good friend, Brandon*, who's work I have shared on here many times throughout the years is one half of the group. The other is a serious talent out of Canada named Jay Ellyiot. One of the they're latest remixes for Missy Elliot's "Beep Me 911" has got my mind spinning. They're Daft Punk "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" remix is dope too. I've been doing some serious body rolling and twerkin to it alone in front of my bathroom mirror each morning.

Wishing you all a great weekend. Spring is upon us in the northern hemisphere! The days are starting to get longer again and hopefully after tonight, the snow will leave NYC alone until next winter. Lol.What are you all listening to lately?

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