AGCM Book Club // The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

This latest book club share came from boss chick, Myleik Teele, founder and CEO of CurlBox. If you don't follow her on Instagram, she is worth following. She shares a lot of great books that she reads and I'm glad she does. This one was a game changer for me and has definitely upped my bossy energy.

Did you know that once a habit is in place, it cannot be destroyed in the brain? Habits can only be created or changed and The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg explains why and how habits are a part of everything in our personal and professional lives for the better or worse. It is riddled with great examples throughout the book about how habits can effect individuals, social movements (like the Civil Rights Movement in USA) and businesses/corporations. I especially liked how the focus on one habit for the company, Alcoa, had a majorly, positive domino effect within the organization. It's a really inspiring story and the book is empowering and inspiring overall. It's like you're getting in on a "secret" to success and life. Every boss chick should check this read out.

The Power of Habit helped make me more aware of habits I have that are subconscious and those that are deliberate and makes changes to any that didn't work out in my favor. I live even more deliberately and  get more things accomplished personally as well as professionally because I have better and more effective habits in place. Most "successful" people that we will meet in life had boss habits that they follow that aided in their success. I borrowed it from the library first to make sure that I liked it and since I do, I will be adding this to my personal home library.

Have any habits you'd like to change or create to keep your boss chick energy hight? What are some of them?

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Tiffany said…
Im not on instagram...yet. I just dont need another reason to look at my phone. But she definitely sounds like someone inspiring to follow. I am about to hit up my library website now, great book review.