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Axiology natural, organic and vegan lipstick in color Worth
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It brings me great pleasure to share Axiology lipsticks with you. They are natural, organic and vegan. Say what?! The ingredients include different mineral powders (from the earth) for color, organic mango seed butter, organic avocado oil and organic coconut oil to name a few. Founder and CEO, Ericka Rodriguez saw that there was a void in the market for lipsticks with ethical and healthier ingredients and so she became the change she wanted to see and created some. In case you weren't aware, lipstick is one of the most toxic cosmetics in your makeup bag. Many are contaminated with lead and other toxic metals and contain artificial colors and  toxic fillers that, over time with continued and consistent use (like if you wear lipstick daily over the span of your lifetime), can start to affect our health. Do your research on this topic, if you're curious. This is why after a while I greatly decreased my lipstick and daily cosmetic use, in general. I'm so excited that I can wear lipstick more often again.

photo of Axiology's packaging
The packaging is recycled paper from a paper shop in India owned by women. Girl power!
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I purchased a lipstick in the pretty orangish-red color Worth (pictured at the top) and I love it. It's the perfect color for sunny and warm weather; to get your "summertime fine" going. I love the packaging, the luxurious look of the gold tube and the futuristic logo. You all may or may not know that I'm a very spiritual person so I was immediately drawn to the triangular shape of the logo. Triangles are magical shapes that signify some powerful things, check out my post I wrote on Bodybinds about the sacred meanings behind triangles. The lipstick has great color payoff and staying power, feels smooth and doesn't dry my lips out. It also smells yummy thanks to the tangerine essential oil as one of the ingredients in the lipsticks. I think I've got my signature lip color for the summer! The color selection is concentrated right now but I see a few more colors that I will be purchasing in the near future.

I was headed to photo shoot this day and received non-stop compliments on this color.
Hair is in a super shrunken bantu knot out thanks my friends high humidity and high dew point that day. :-)

I was able to catch up with Ericka to get some more insight behind Axiology and below is what she had to say. Please stop by their website to learn more and support healthier beauty options. It shouldn't have to "hurt to be beautiful". It should come, well, naturally. Lucky us, Ericka was so generous to give AGCM readers a 15% discount code, use code AGrlCanMAC15 at checkout, on purchases if you're curious to try them out. I've been receiving complements left and right whenever I wear this color and have been telling everyone about them. I can't wait to buy more colors!

AGrlCanMAC: I love that when you saw a void in the market for lipstick with safer ingredients, you went and created some. What was the creative process like learning how to make lipstick and then finding healthier ingredients to make it? 

Ericka: The process was fun! I was living in Brooklyn at the time and the desire to create a natural, vegan lipstick struck me during the winter season. Therefore, I took advantage of staying in and would listen to music, research natural ingredients, and formulate in the kitchen. The process took lots of patience and persistence and my cabinets soon became filled with ingredients I would test in my lipsticks. It was really all about trial and error and having fun with it. 

AGCM: How did you come up with the name Axiology for the brand and what is the vision and mission behind it?

Ericka: Axiology is the philosophy of ethics and the name came about after a long name storming session with my good friend and writer for Axiology, Laura Viviana. I really wanted a name that made people think. I believe once people understand what Axiology means, they start to delve a little deeper into the brand. We are an ethical company and we challenge people to live ethically as well. The mission behind Axiology is to give people access to safer, ethical cosmetics as well as to create a safer world for animals and to end animal testing. 

AGCM: You have a great selection now, are more colors in the works? 

Ericka: Yes- more colors are in the works! 

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Ericka Rodriguez- Founder and owner of Axiology

AGCM: Do you plan to carry other natural, organic and vegan cosmetics in the future? 

Ericka: Our lip balm line should be out soon and we are working on creating other cosmetic products soon such as mascara and eyeliner. Look out for that!

AGCM: What is your desire/hope that women take away from Axiology?

Ericka: I hope women take away that even with small changes they have the power to make a difference. By supporting Axiology and making a simple switch of their lipstick, they are making a difference in their health by eliminating toxins and harsh chemicals around their mouth. Also, by supporting Axiology as opposed to other brands, they are donating to animal welfare organizations and saying no to animal testing.

And there it is, a great lipstick line with healthier ingredients to add to your summertime fine. Don't forget to use the code: AGrlCanMAC15 to get 15% off of your purchase!!!!

Ethical, natural, organic and vegan lipsticks 

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