Daydreaming about My Dream House

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First off, TGIF! Secondly and the topic at hand, I can't stop daydreaming and dreaming big. God-the universe just keeps indulging me and continues asking me what else do I want. I feel like the kids in the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie who, at one point,  were allowed to go HAM in the candy land/factory and eat everything edible that they could get their crumb snatching little hands on. It really wants to spoil me rotten, I'm convinced of this. Thankfully, I'm a very grateful person so all this spoiling won't go completely to my head. *bats eyelashes and flashes pearly whites*  We all know how expensive real estate is in New York City and that includes Brooklyn now too. One of my big dreams includes me being the proud owner of an all brick or brownstone townhouse with a couple bay windows in the Bed Stuy area of Brooklyn.
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Yes, I know that many are selling for over a million. Yes, over a million US dollars. That doesn't concern me. I want one and have made up my mind that I will have one and that's all there is to it. I know how I'm going to decorate it already and have my landscaping ideas to turn the courtyard into a beautiful patio garden with a fire pit for summer evening soirees. Oh yes, it's also going to have a room that will double as my personal library, crafting studio and yoga nook. And I'm thinking of making the very top floor the guests' quarters. It will be on a vibrant yet peaceful, tree lined block (with easy parking!). I plan to gut it and make it what I want including a fly kitchen with good appliances and marble granite counter tops because I love cooking and entertaining, new floors, better windows, etc. I don't care how much it will cost. I will make it happen. I can smell my dream home already: like citrus and vanilla and it's really going to be like an oasis when you step inside. I'm so excited already.

Sparing absolutely no expense, what does your dream home look like? Maybe it's a beach house in Cape Town, a pimped out tree house in the woods of California or a cozy cottage in upstate New York. What does it look like for you?

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