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That's my skin! No foundation. Just brows done, mascara
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Sometimes we're led to believe that the more expensive or "fancy" a skin care product is that it must be good. Sometimes this can be true, but in most of my experiences, not always. Quality is not always synonymous with that "luxury" face cream that filled with 98% fluff and 2% of special "organic" ingredients highlighted. Mother Nature truly has all the answers and she normally keeps it simple and gets straight to the point. I'm sharing with you my favorite natural and organic beauty oils for the face that have great skin care benefits without all the fuss and fillers and have the face feeling luxurious for less than La Mer face cream. Switch your traditional face moisturizer out with any of these three decedent and organic oils and your life may just be changed. Most can find these oils at their local Whole Foods or neighborhood health food stores and of course, on a host of various online shops. Let's get into it.

Organic, cold pressed baobab oil from

First up is baobab oil, pronounced bay-oh-babb. Oh how I love this oil! I've been using it since March and it's so dreamy. When I first started using it, I had breakouts on the sides of my face from the last phase of birth control withdrawal. By day 3 of use, I noticed the breakout subsiding and by day 7, the breakout was pretty much gone. Baobab oil, hails all the way from the baobab trees in the Mother Land- in regions of Africa. It is rich in omega fatty oils which are essential for every cell in our body, including our skin cells, to function and regenerate properly and at their optimum performance. I especially love using it around my eye area as I've noticed that they are not as dark prior to use. I wish that I had taken pictures but I didn't know that it would have that effect on my under eye area! It has a silky feel upon application and I love that it glides onto and readily absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling lush and supple. I'm using the organic baobab oil by Aura Cacia, a brand that can be found in Whole Foods or online. When purchasing, you, ideally; want the oil to be organic and cold pressed. Also make sure baobab oil is the one and only ingredient. You can learn more about baobab oil's benefits HERE.

Next is tamanu oil. I learned of this oil browsing the beauty section of Whole Foods a couple months ago. Later I came home and did more research on it and knew that I'd want to try it. Tamanu oil hails from the tamanu trees originating from south Asian areas including Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. This oil has been researched and shown to be a powerful oil for helping heal skin from conditions like stretch marks, scarring/dark spots (which I have a few smalls ones due to that post birth control withdrawal breakout I talked of above), cuts and minor abrasions to name a few. This oil has a nutty, woodsy scent and is greenish in color and gives my face more of a lush and SMOOTH feel. If baobab was the moisturized, dewy look then tamanu is the moisturized, matte look. I like using it as an overnight face serum and it too, quickly absorbs into the skin leaving no greasiness behind. It helped fade minor dark spots I experienced from my birth control withdrawal break out. I have the organic tamanu oil by Aura Cacia, pictured above, that can be found in Whole Foods. When purchasing, you, ideally; want the oil to be organic and cold pressed. Also make sure tamanu oil is the one and only ingredient. Learn more about tamanu oil's great benefits HERE.

Certified organic rosehip oil from Trilogy

Last up is rosehip oil. Another lux heavy hitta for beautiful skin. It's jam packed with omega fatty acids also so it's great for the skin and stimulating those skin cells to keep regenerating and the skin soft and supple. It can help reduce scars and appearance of stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles so it's a great anti aging oil for the face. This oil is considered as more "dry" than most because it quickly absorbs into the skin with no greasy residue left at all; it absorbs even faster than tamanu oil. It sounds cray that an oil would be "dry" but this one totally is. It absorbs into the skin almost instantly. This would be a great oil to apply to the face before applying any of your other skin care products and/or makeup. Unlike the other two, rosehip oil is a little less stable and needs to be stored in the refrigerator for preservation. Of the three, I have played with this one the least but what time I have had with it, I really like it and already is a fixture in my beauty harem. Aura Cacia has a rosehip oil but it wasn't pure and had some other additives in it so I went with the brand Trilogy, pictured above, because theirs is 100% organic rosehip oil. When purchasing, you, ideally; want the oil to be organic and cold pressed. Also make sure rosehip oil is the one and only ingredient. Learn more about rosehip oil HERE.

So here are three natural and organic oils that are in my beauty stash and deliver soft, supple and glowing skin. It is also notable to mention that I have oily skin! So yes, people with oily skin can use these oils and may just even experience less oily skin using them. Baobab is great all over my skin but I especially love what it's done around my eye area. Tamanu works great for helping heal cuts on fingers and reducing appearance of scars on my face from a recent breakout (thanks birth control) and rosehip's a great overall face oil that's the "driest" of the bunch, with similar benefits as both baobab and tamanu.

Now it's also important to mention that these oils will not be like Jesus and take the wheel; you have to do your part too. 

You can't eat poorly, not get quality sleep and not drink water and expect them to work magic. If you eat a fairly healthy diet, drink water regularly, get quality sleep at night and are able to manage your stress with healthy releases like meditation or exercising then these oils will help immensely. With the use of the baobab oil, I noticed the darkness under my eyes lightening. It won't get rid of all of it because most of us have a little darkness under our eyes because of how the light hits our face daily but it definitely helped. But I can't give it all the credit either. My diet and lifestyle play a supporting role too. Think of these oils as, when paired with proper rest, nutrition and health, as supplements for great skin.

Do you use any of these oils? If not, what oils, if any, do you use on your face?

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Unknown said…
Awesome article, I never heard of the first two oils before reading this. I have dark circles under my eyes so I'm considering trying the baobab oil to see if I too can see an improvement. I will let you know how that goes. :)
Milan said…
Hi Manie Chery, thank you. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I love baobab oil! Remember, the oil may not remove the dark spots totally but it may help them lighten up some. And make sure you've eating right, drinking water and getting adequate sleep/rest. It all plays a part! Let me know how you like it if you try it. :-)