Five Fit Brown Girls on Instagram to Inspire You

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Instagram hosts inspiration for just about everything and fitness isn't left out of that equation. I sometimes find that I have more fitspiration from there than online or from women's magazines where we are rarely on the covers and only take up a couple pages inside. With "statistics" and the news/media shoving down our throats that we [black women] are obese, unhealthy and don't exercise, I'm glad that fit brown girls around the world are taking to social media to share and inspire. Rather you are just starting your fitness journey or fitness is a permanent and ongoing fixture in your lifestyle, these 5 picks can help inspire you or add to your inspiration. Outside of their awesome physiques, these women also tout the importance of keeping your internal and mental/spiritual health a priority too and I love that about these women. They are forthcoming with nutrition and health information and motivation because they want everyone to succeed and if you've been a reader on here long enough, you know that aligns with my abundance mindset perfectly. The order in which they are listed doesn't denote how much I like one over the other, I love them all equally and love the variety they bring to black women's fitness.

{Credit: Lita Lewis}

1) @FollowTheLita
Leader of the self created, #thickfit movement, Lita Lewis is amazing. I learned of her from HeyFranHey about 2 years ago and really enjoy her IG account. She spews out so much positivity. She really wants everyone to do and feel well. This beautiful Black and Samoan woman encourages us to not focus on a dress size but to focus on being in good health and pushing ourselves physically because it in turn pushes us in other ways outside of the gym or track. She did an interview with In Her Shoes Blog recently and inspired me all over again. She also travels all over the country hosting group workout sessions. If you live in Brooklyn, she does them often at Prospect Park.

{Credit: GetFitWithNic}

2) @GetFitWithNic_
This fiery Aries lady takes a strong stance on making no excuses. Nic's signature motto is "I can, You can, WE can" and I really appreciate that motto because it is saying that anybody can get in the best shape and health of their lives if they want it (bad enough). Her body and fitness level is rocking and she always states that she didn't do anything magical to get it; no shortcuts, pills or supplements- just old fashioned eating well, drinking lots of water, getting quality sleep and regular exercise/training. I also enjoy her page because she's a mother and still makes her health and wellness a priority too. She is forthcoming with tons of free fitness tips and does a ton of videos on her IG sharing all kinds of non gym workouts that you can do at home or in the park. Fitness doesn't have to cost you anything and she is the proof of that. Nic is LA based and is always offering low cost (like $5-$10 low) group workout sessions and they usually don't require more than a yoga mat and a bottle of water. Hey now!

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3) @HealthyGirlConcepts
This Ghanaian American beauty is one of my faves because physically, I feel that her physique and build resembles mine a lot. I love her muscle tone and aspire to be as tight and toned as her in my own right. Jedidah inspires me because she is pursuing her graduate degree and still makes time for her health. But she is also very candid and sometimes shares that she hasn't exercised in a few days or weeks. Fitness is most often called a journey for a reason. Journeys are filled with smooth sailing and rough waters; it's an ebb and flow. I like that she exemplifies that fact that life is going on and sometimes we fall off track temporarily, and that will happen, but what's most important is that we get back to it and don't let those off track moments derail us.

{Credit: WrkOutQueenie}
4) @WrkOutQueenie
For any vegan readers I may have, Queenetta, is a fit brown girl you may want to get to know more. Rather you're vegan or not, Queenie is the best. She doesn't force veganism on her page or meat shame people but she speaks her truths and this lifestyle works for her. Her physique and strength debunks any thoughts of vegans being malnourished and rail thin. She actually inspired me to try out going vegan and I learned of tons of meat free protein sources from her. Veganism ended up not being the best fit for me and my body chemistry but my diet has changed a lot from things she has shared on her account. I'm way more conscious about what I put into my mouth. I eat way less meat and it's at least better quality and more "humanely" raised and fed meat and I also rarely consume dairy. She's helped me out a lot and my body and health thank her for it. Queenie is also a "yummy mummy" like GetFitWithNic. These mommas aren't playing around!

Ellen and Lana Ector
{Credit: Lanagem}

5) @VitaminEllen & @Lanagem
This mother-daughter duo are the women behind the Gemnetics women's gym in Atlanta, GA and creators of the workout DVD's Black Girls Workout Too. Ellen Ector is 62 years old and looks AMAZING. I want to have body as fit, toned and strong as Ellen when I'm that age. Her daughter, Lana, is in her late twenties and mommy as well. Mommies, you seriously have no excuse and whenever I become a mother, I'm certainly going to follow in these women's footsteps (including GetFitWithNic and WrkOutQueenie) and take care of myself just well as I take care of my family.

Some other fitness IG's I enjoy are @TheRefinementGroup@bodynomics, @ebonyfitnesstoday, @deannajefferson 

Who are your fit brown girl inspirations on Instagram?

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