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I'm excited and honored to be a part of the All the Many Layers, The Layers of Beauty Tour. 26 women were chosen to pick a letter from the (English) alphabet. From that letter, a word was chosen that relates to beauty for each to write on. I chose the letter Y for Yoni. Some of you may be asking, "what is yoni?" Yoni is a sanskrit word roughly meaning sacred space. This sacred space is in reference to the female genitalia, feminine fertility and our wombs. The yoni is a very important spiritual portal, it's a door and a room at the same time. Think about it, this space is created for things to enter (think intercourse or sperm for conception), grow there (like a baby which is another spirit/life) and be birthed (includes new ideas and beginnings). I think this is why us women are more open. Because we have a way for things to get inside of us, so many positive and negative energies pass through and can be stored in there. Because of this, we need to understand ourselves so that we can have less of the negative stuff stored in there and more room for all the positive stuff.

"Our yoni is magical and a source of beauty, pleasure, safety and the most powerful entity of all, LOVE."

The topic of yoni is very important to me because many women around the world are taught, rather consciously or sub-consciously, to hold fearful energies in their yoni because we are told that we can get pregnant at ANY time and this is a problem if you aren't married first. We are most often not taught to understand it, let alone celebrate it, which would empower us to make the best choices for ourselves. Sure, we saw that video in health class or had that awkward talk with our mothers (or fathers) but the information either came from a sterile place or one of discomfort, embarrassment or shame; not a place of understanding, pride and celebration. The whole premise of it was mostly about avoiding pregnancy (until, of course, you get married). Now, this IS an important conversation to be had but it normally stopped there. Talks of pleasure or exploration and how it aids in your overall, good health and well being were either not had or talked of in a light of shame or disgust. Pleasure and exploration for women was often be seen as "unladylike", "dirty/nasty" or "whorish". Many of our teachings were so focused on the negative, we weren't taught much of the positive. All these fearful messages create fearful energy sometimes stays in there and effects more than just our sex lives. I think it can mess with our love of ourselves, our ability to love others in a healthy way and with us recognizing our purpose on this Earth (outside of us being someone's mother).

When you know more, you fear less. And when you are fearless, you are powerful.

I talked about this in another post I wrote last year when I was a part of the Emotion in Motion Tour about feeling powerful through understanding my yoni and reproductive cycle. It wasn't until my second go around with birth control last year that I sought to understand or appreciate it and its power. It reeked havoc on my sacred space, hormones, gut flora balance and peace of mind. I was uncomfortable and after a while, downright miserable. I only lasted on it for about 3 or 4 months before discontinuing use. When I made the decision to get off of it and find information on holistic and natural alternatives, my mind was blown. I found what felt like a whole new world, a world I wish that I had learned of before getting on birth control. But I understand now, that I was meant to have that experience because it led me to be an enthusiast for women and girls understanding their yoni, reproductive cycles and ultimately, understanding and loving themselves better. In this new world, I learned that our reproductive system had a language and was communicating with us daily! If I could learn to comprehend the language and messages through things like charting and increasing my awareness to different factors, most of my fears would be starved because with education comes understanding and understanding brings about fearlessness. With these discoveries I grew to have more pride in myself, myself as a woman and the awesomeness of my reproductive cycle. It was something to be amazed by and proud of, not resentful towards or ashamed of. Information, understanding and awareness brought me more freedom. I want more women to know this freedom and pride.

I also learned that our yoni, like other spaces, could house stagnant energy or remnants of energy that no longer serves us.

Like one smudges their home with sage to clear stagnant and negative energy, your yoni is no different and can be smudged too. In fact, it is good house keeping to do so whenever you feel the need to. Just how in smudging a space you want to make sure the smoke hits the corners because negative energy really likes to hide there, the same can happen in the corners and crevices of your sacred space. They can hold and house stubbon remnants of stagnant or negative energy and smudging the yoni helps remove it and give it a reset. It helps release spiritual pain, trauma, negative energy or leftover energy from past loves/sexual partners who had entered so that you can refill it with things like love, pleasure, confidence and safety. I smudged mine last year for the first time and experienced a beautiful spiritual release. I bawled like a baby for 15 minutes straight (note this may not be how everyone will experience it) and felt more open to receive more positive experiences and feelings. While this didn't end world hunger or solve all my problems, I did feel lighter spiritually and that it helped me on my journey to understand and love myself as well as my yoni more. Leave comments if you would like a post about my experience and information on how to cleanse/smudge your yoni.

Our yoni is magical and a source of beauty, pleasure, safety and the most powerful entity of all, LOVE. Our yoni makes the men we love (or don't) weak. Our yoni has the power and strength to host, nourish and nurture LIFE! Our yoni has a language that tells us when we can or can't get pregnant or when something else is potentially going on with us. Our yoni has nerves and pleasure centers for us to feel ecstasy. Our yoni has the ability to release stagnant energy in the form of a period every month. I think that is part of why women are often more patient and compassionate than men because we release stagnant blood and energy from inside of us once a  month. Men don't have a release like that so when it finds it's way out, it is often more harsh and violent. When you hear a yoni talked about like that, does it create a better picture in your mind? Does it encourage you to want to learn more and gain understanding? I hope so.

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LaNeshe said…
This is great! I believe our yoni does indeed influence why we are different than men.
Unknown said…
This was a beautiful statement on the latent power we have as women and something that I have been drawn to learning more about. I would love to learn more about smudging and clearing out my own yoni. Peace and blessings.