31 for 31 /// 31 Things I Learned During the Age of 31

On Tuesday, October 27th, I; Milan Staples, will be turning 32 and I couldn't be more excited. 31 has been nothing short of an amazing age for me filled with lots of adventures, revelations, epiphanies, blessings, fun and growth. I feel like I grew spiritually at an exponential rate and made some very large vibrational shifts. (We'll talk about vibration and vibrational shifts another time; if you know about Abraham Hicks, then you understand what I'm talking about.) Some of the shifts were quite large and resulted in me crying a lot this year. The crying wasn't from a place of sadness or any negativity. Crying almost often isn't a bad thing, it's the intention behind it that can be bad but that's another post for another time.... My crying came from a place of releasing different thoughts and energies that no longer served me or never served me. I've come a long way. I'm happy with how far I've come, where I'm at right now and I am leaning into where I'm headed.

I haven't felt this free and empowered since I was a young child, before adults were able to permeate my brain. The little girl, the child, inside of me is being reawakened. She is frolicking around, blowing bubbles and doing cartwheels on a field of green grass. She daydreams and places colorful stickers on her journal pages and challenges anyone brave to blinking contests. I feel like I am viewing the world with a lens I haven't looked through in a long time. These are not rose colored lenses, no, they are TECHNICOLOR multi-dimensional lenses. There are some things I learned and some things I re-learned that got me to this juicy place and I am sharing 31 of them with you. Join in the fun and share some things you've learned lately or learned when you were 31.

31 for 31

  1. Let go of the results. It's our attachment to the results that often sets us up for disappointment. Do the work and be open to how things will manifest themselves.
  2. It is not your job to manifest "how" you will get/attract what you want, let God-the Universe handle that.
  3. Inspired actions lead to the desire, follow their orders.
  4. Do not skip or deprive yourself of sleep. Sleep is important.
  5. Go to bed. True hustlers don't work around the clock, they make money WHILE they sleep.
  6. You don't have to work HARD to be successful.  You only need to do work that you FEEL GOOD ABOUT. When you feel good about the work you are doing, the money will come.
  7. Money is very much tied to your spirituality and your mindset. If you feel that you have to slave for it, then you will always slave for it. If you feel that it can be fun and refreshing making it, then it will always be so.
  8. True success feels like ease, not strife and sacrifices.
  9. There are no sacrifices, only choices.
  10. Dream bigger.
  11. "You do not make your dreams come true, you allow them to come true" from the Teachings of Joshua
  12. If you want something, make space for it: clean and clear out a space, donate items that are no longer in use, etc. 
  13. Any physical desire we have represents an emotion that we want to feel. Ex. fast cars may represent your desire for the feeling of freedom.
  14. Anger is NOT a negative emotion. It becomes negative when it is a result of REPRESSING emotions.
  15. Introverts bring unique powers to the table and are just as strong as extroverts, we need both.
  16. You don't have to have every last pieces of your shit together to be together with someone. You can both get your shit together, together- it's called building [an empire in your own right].
  17. Start practicing your dream life right now at every chance you get. It feels good, it's fun and brings it to you much faster.
  18. When you feel good about money and every purchase you make, more of it has no choice but to come into your life.
  19. Giving money says you have an abundance of money and therefore you will never run out of money. The dollar amount isn't important, it's the intention and how you feel that matters most. (This one I knew before but I really started living it wholeheartedly at 31)
  20. When you need nothing, you really do attract everything.
  21. Meditating with the intention of ease and allowance is mind blowing!
  22. It really is just hair. Do what you want and have fun doing so.
  23. Focus on what you want, not what you don't want.
  24. Follow your intuition, no matter how crazy some of its requests are, listen to it. It will NEVER steer you wrong.
  25. Courage isn't the absence of fear, it's leaning in in spite of the fear.
  26. Sometimes you must let things go. If they come back to you, they are yours. If they don't, you are meant for something that's a better fit.
  27. What you intrinsically want for yourself, God-the Universe wants for you even more.
  28. Everyone is on their own journey, don't judge theirs, you don't know what they're on their journey for. 
  29. To become a vibrational match to anything you want, you must go with what feels good and let go of any limiting beliefs you have or have accepted.
  30. Don't worry about money, it just attracts more instances for you not to have enough of it. Instead, be thankful for what you have and focus on increase and abundance.
  31. Stop being modest with your requests. Don't be "mindful" and "polite", be bold and ask for what you really want.
  32. ***BONUS*** Stop doubting yourself, you can do it!

Milan is a New York City based, creative writer and the founder of AGrlCanMAC. She's a self proclaimed accessories junkie who's passionate about healthy living, adventure, books, crystals, the Law of Attraction and arts & crafts. AGrlCanMAC is a resource for women of color all over the world who want to look good, radiate good and feel good at the same damn time.

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Nikita Sheree said…
Love love love this post! I just turned 31 in July and so much has happened already (realizations and lessons). Thanks for the share!