AGrlCanMAC Tour de l'Afrique 2016: Algeria

In 2016, AGrlCanMAC is touring every country in Africa and we are welcoming each of you to travel with us! Currently, there are 54 countries in the African continent and each month of this year we are virtually visiting 5 different countries in alphabetical order.

Our bags are packed and our first stop is Algeria! The itinerary is finalized and it is the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Let's get into it!
Algiers, Algeria {Image Source: Wiki Travel}

Algeria is the largest country in Africa and on its coast faces the Mediterranean Sea. Algiers is the largest and most populous city of Algeria (it is also the capital) so we'll be staying there and exploring about.The most common languages spoken there are Algerian Arabic (which is different than Arabic spoken in Arab regions) and French. Standard Arabic is also understood and younger natives normally understand English as well so if you don't know Arabic or French, it will definitely be a good idea have a translator/tour guide. On resort grounds, the staff will know English.

The country is a fusion of Mediterranean, French (colonialism), Berber and Arab cultures and the food reflects this including yummy dishes like couscous, baklava, all kinds of breads and many different lamb dishes, yum! It is not advisable to drink water from tap but bottled mineral water is widely available so make sure that you always have a bottle of water with you while on excursions and adventures.
Algerian dish: El Bourak is a yummy meat filled pastry

Algeria is a (predominantly) Muslim country so you will want to be mindful of what you wear during your stay. Islam encourages modesty in dress for women so for our time in Algiers, we're rocking comfy chic palazzo pants and flowy long skirts with tanks or short sleeve tees.

AGrlCanMAC Tour de l'Afrique 2016: Algeria Itinerary

Day 1
- Travel to Algiers (capital of Algeria)

Day 2
- Settle into hotel
- Rest because jet lag is a mutha and tomorrow the fun begins!

Day 3
- Bardo Museum of Prehistory & Ethnography- see fossils, pottery and Saharan paintings and creations.
- Al Marhoon Gallery- see modern and contemporary Algerian art
Le Jardin d'Essai du Hamm in Algiers, Algeria

Day 4
- Notre Dame d'Afrique- a famous cathedral in Algeria where mass is still held
- Le Jardin d'Essai du Hamm- beautiful garden grounds to marvel at and take fly selfies
- Havana Club in the evening for drinks and dancing

Day 5
- Algerian Sahara desert day excursion and camel ride
Sahara desert tour by camel in Algeria {Image Source:}

Day 6
- Beach or poolside at the resort
- Shopping 
- 1001 Nuits nightclub for drinks and live music

Day 7
-Departing for Angola!

Now obviously, there is way more to see and do in Algiers and in other cities in the Algeria than was shared. This is the perfect reason to visit again and see what we didn't get to see and experience on this trip!
Notre Dame d'Afrique in Algiers, Africa still holds mass. {Image Source:}

Have you been to Algeria? If so, where and what else would visitors enjoy there? Chime in below in the comments section.

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