An African City is Back for Season 2

The 2nd season of An African City is out and I couldn't be more thrilled. The first season that was on Youtube was a major source of hair and fashion inspiration for me. To those not privvy to the show, it's the West African answer to Sex and the City and set in Accra, Ghana instead of New York City. Each character lived either in USA or Europe and have returned home to live their lives there. The first season showed the culture adjustment of moving back home after being acclimated to Western culture and how the modern day woman experiences adventures finding balance in personal, professional and romantic life. Thank God for great girlfriends to get through it all! 

The second season is available at VHX HERE to enjoy. Some of my other favorite indie production companies like Black and Sexy TV have moved over to VHX with success and increased content, quality and production. I love what An African City is trying to do and encourage you to support the 2nd season at their new home at VHX if you enjoyed the first season. I love all this independent black content that is being created. It's about time our community stop waiting for large networks to give us representation and create and support it ourselves. I'll be purchasing the 2nd season, will you?

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LaNeshe said…
I've just started hearing about this. I have it bookmarked in Youtube to check out the first season.
Love Glasses said…
Good news, couldn't wait to watch Season 2