AGrlCanMAC Tour de l'Afrique 2016: Angola

In 2016, AGrlCanMAC is touring every country in Africa and we are welcoming each of you to travel with us! Currently, there are 54 countries in the African continent and each month of this year we are virtually visiting 5 different countries in alphabetical order.

Our bags are packed and our next stop is Angola! The itinerary is finalized and it is the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Let's get into it!

We'll be hanging out in the country's capital, Luanda, which sits on the country's Atlantic Ocean coast and it's looking like it's all about beach life here! Since we don't speak Portuguese or any of the local tribal languages, we will be exploring with multi-lingual guides. We've heard that Angolans love music and a reason to party and we like the sound of that!

Ilha do Mussulo (Mussulo Island) near Luanda, Angola {Image Source}

Since Luanda is right on the Atlantic Ocean coast, we looking forward to tasting all the various fish and lobster dishes, stews and lots of yummy fruits and we will be checking out what cultural and educational experiences this town and country have to offer. Like Algeria, we are advised not to drink the tap water there but mineral and/or bottled water is readily available.

AGrlCanMAC Tour de l’Afrique 2016: Angola Itinerary

Day 1
- Get settled and relax at hotel
Day 2
- Parque Nacional da Kissamma- to see antelope, giraffe, elephants, ostrich, zebras and more!
Day 3
- Museum hopping
  National Anthropology Museum
  National Slavery Museum

- Historical sites and landmark hopping
  Igrega do Como (17th century church)
  Igrega da Nazare (17th century church)
  Igrega Nossa Senhora do Populo (15th century church)

Mausoleum de Agostinho Neto in Luanda, Angola {Image Source: Trip Visor}

Day 4
- Forteleza do Sao Miguel- a historical fort built by the Portuguese during colonial times
- Mausoleum of Agostinho Neto- mausoleum dedicated to Angola's first president Agostinho Neto who led the country to attaining their independence.
Day 5
- Beach day at Mussulo Island- Enjoy it's beauty and check out the great restaurants there.
Day 6
- Go for a walk at Avenida 4 de Fevereiro and take in the scenery 
- Benfica Handcrafts Market (just south of Luanda) for artisan crafts and souvenir shopping
- Check out Twenty nightclub/bar for drinks and dancing

Calulu- Angolan fish dish {Image Source}

Day 7
- Rest at the hotel or chill at the local beach because Benin is up next!

Now obviously, there is way more to see and do in Luanda and in other cities in Angola than was shared. This is the perfect reason to visit again and see what we didn't get to see and experience on this trip!

Have you been to Angola or the capital city, Luanda? If so, where and what else would visitors enjoy there? Chime in below in the comments section.

Benfica Handcrafts Market in Luanda, Angola {Image Source}

Trip Advisor
Wiki Travel (site is in Portuguese so just select to have your browser translate it to another language if you do not understand Portuguese)

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