Nose Piercing or Nah?

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About two years ago, a small desire arose to get my nose pierced and then it dissipated until the desire evaporated. Or so I thought. 

Fast forward to last week and the small desire has popped back up like a good friend you lost touch with. I think nose piercings are such a pretty way to adorn the face and look great on women. It's been a while since I pierced anything; the last piercing was my belly button over ten years ago and after all this time I've forgotten what even that felt like. I have a fairly high threshold for pain so it seems like this wouldn't be anymore painful than a belly button piercing or ear piercing, right? It might go down this summer. Summer '16, man- it's going to be a fun one!

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Any readers out there with their nose pierced? If so, how much did it hurt and what was after care and healing like? Anyone planning on getting something else pierced? If so, share!

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Me said…
My nose piercing experience wasn't so bad. Pain level-6. But it happened so fast. Get it and get it over with. It's a timeless accessory :)