Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth

I got my prenatal vitamins like I said I would. I bought mine from Trader Joe's today and took my first one today. As stated in the pic, a 60 day supply costs about $13. My goal is to take them every morning with my breakfast so that it just becomes habit to get my day started with taking them before I have time to forget taking them in the middle of the day. So that's my plan.

Do any of you take any vitamins or hair vitamins to optimize your growth? I used to take Silica and it did give my hair growth a boost. I can't remember why I stopped taking them though. LOL. Overall, I like prenatal vitamins better b/c they also include other good things for your body.

I've heard of a Chinese tea that is supposed to be good for stimulating hair growth. It's called Dong Quai. They were talking about it on good ol LHCF. I plan to research it and sharing my findings and thoughts on it. So stay tuned for that. I plan to be very active this week so I may not get to research it till next week.

Hope everyone had great weekends. It's back to the weekly grind!


I take prenatal vitamins, Biotin, and fish oil everyday. It's a ritual for me because I've been taking vitamins every day since I was 10 (my mom is a nurse). The biotion has really helped, but the prenatal vitamins gave not only my hair but my skin an extra boost. I take the fish oil for blood circulation.
Milan said…
I've been taking these prenatal vitamins for like a week now and I'm already noticing a different in the way my skin feels. It's incredible! Now you make me want to go on and try biotin. I might add it to the mix soon.
Thanks for introducing a new products to us.
Buy PGX said…
It's a good supplement so the hair can stay shiny and healthy.