"The Bluest Eye": Bold Eyes for the Day

I got a request from a reader for an eye make up look that would pop out even with your glasses on.

So I came up with this bold, yet simple look that pops glasses or no glasses and is totally wearable for the day:

You can check out the tutorial to see what colors I used here


Kinky Rhonnie said…
Loving the Blue and YOU WON THE TRENDY TEE'Z GIVEAWAY. Stop by the blog at http://kinkyrhonnie.blogspot.com.
Milan said…
Yay! Just got back from being out of town so what good news to come home to!
Da Jadedpoet said…
Yuss something for the Afro Nerds!! LOL
Do you know a color that works well with red lipstick btw?
*LilBiuty* said…
Loving your hair!! And beautiful makeup!
Milan said…
Thanks Da Jadedpoet and *LilBiuty*!

Da Jadedpoet: there are lots of colors that go well with red lipstick. this eye look would look great with red lips. purples, golds, nudes go great with red lips as well. Silver eyes are great for a sparkling night look. Maybe I'll do a post on this topic!
svrbrownsuga said…
Sweet it looks so cute!! blue is really pretty :D

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