Did A Curly Fro

My flat twist out rocked the first 3 days, then I morphed it into a fro hawk on day 4, and that night I decided to try Dr. Lisa Akbari's "Curly Fro" hairstyle.

Here's the vid, where I learned to do this:

So easy, right?

I used 9 sections on my hair and applied a little bit of Kalawentz All in One (review coming soon) to each section before twisting and rolling, especially on the ends. I then put on my satin scarf and satin bonnet over and hit the hay.

The next morning, I took them down and fluffed till I received my desired look. That's it.

Give it a try and tell me "what cha thaaaaaannnnk uh!"


Unknown said…
ooooo girrrrrl!!!! your hair is really taking shape these daysss!! I'm lovin the length your getting!!
Da Jadedpoet said…
Yup sounds like what I do for mine cept while my twists are in I moisturize it and wait two days. I love using shea butter since it makes my hair hang!

Hang time LOL

Your hair is to cute btw! Your rocking the look!
Candice said…
looks really good!! You and your hair are beautiful:-)