Mini Haul

Haven't done a haul in a while. And even this one is such a mini haul but oh well. Let's gooooo!

MAC TINTED MOISTURIZERS ARE BACK!!!!!! I'm so glad too b/c I luved the other one that they discontinued. That was my JOINT. Well they brought them back and I was all over it.

I bought the darkest shade they have: Deep Dark. Let me just say I've fallen in luv all over again. It goes on so light, it has a sheer coverage but I feel it does even out my complexion and keep me a lil less shiny. Luv that last part a whole lot. I'm diggin it. So if you're not a foundation girl, try this. It's light-you'll forget you're even wearing it and it's spf 15 so it even helps protect you from the sun a bit.


Priia Essential Cover Mineral Foundation

I got samples in these 2 colors to determine which one was the right shade for me. I determined that Ginger, the one on the left, is my color. It blended right in with my skin. The other color, Copper Bronze (the one on the right), was too dark for me and too red. I have golden/yellow undertones so you should be to see that Ginger has more yellow in it.

These samples were $2 each! There's enough product in each color to last about 5 days of applications. You can get samples of the mineral shadows and other products as well.

And my ladies of color, Priia has colors to match us all. I mean, they really carry a wide variety of colors. There were tons of other colors lighter and darker than the samples I got. I luv that you can purchase a sample to determine which shade is right for you. That way you're not wasting a lot of money or product that may not work for you.

Shipping was fast and the customer service was excellent.

This foundation is the shizz let me teeeeeeelll YOU! It goes on feather light and just makes your complexion look like the bizness. I'm in luv. This one blows all the other mineral foundations I've ever tried outta the water. Give it a try. For $2, you realy don't have much to lose and everything to gain.

I'm waiting on my Hydra Prime sample (which was $1.50!). This is a face primer and is great for us oily skin ladies. So I can't wait for it to come so I can try it out and review it!

Priia rocks. I did a review on their lip glosses a while ago. Click here to read the review.

So that's it for my mini haul. *Says in my most dreamy voice*: I wish I could do more make up hauls.......