I <3 You Rake Comb!

Move over shower comb! You've been replaced!

This weekend, I went to the BSS around the way and came across this comb. It's called a rake comb. I remember seeing this comb before (back in my relaxed days) but never knew what it could possibly be used for with teeth so long. Maybe about a month or two back, I had seen a Longhairdontcare2011 vid where she used this comb to comb all that lovely (stretched: blow dried) kinky koiliness.

So when I saw the comb this past weekend, I said for 99 cents, let's give it a try.

This comb is an awesome detangler!

Especially you kurlies with super long/big hair. This sucka is goooood.

I was truly amazed how it just smoothly glided through my koils. No "fighting" or extra coaxing necessary. I like it better than my shower comb. I officially do. I luv that the teeth are so long. I think that's why it glides through so well.

I'm sold. Best 99cents I ever spent!

So I always gotta share with you all the run down. You all know by now (to those new, you'll learn how I do!): I condition, wash and style my hair in sections; I condition my hair before I wash it and I now detangle my hair AFTER I've conditioned and washed it (detangling's so much easier for me this way).

So let's go:

1) Misted each section w/ my moisturizing mist (water, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil) and conditioned with coconut oil for 30 mins under a plastic cap

2) Cleansed w/ CSM and followed up w/ an ACV rinse

3) Misted each section again with moisturizing mist, applied Shea Moisture Leave In, and combed it thru with the rake comb. Then I sealed each section with my oil cocktail (evoo, coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil) before braiding.

4) I ended up with 4 braids on each side to let air dry overnight for a braid out

That's it. As always, stay naturally fly!

Oh yea, on Wednesday the 200+ Followers Giveaway details!


Unknown said…
that rake comb is my favorite tool, it is great for fluffing as well.
Milan said…
It's my favorite now too! I'll have to try it for fluffing. Thanks for stopping by.
Sunshine Abuwi said…
I HAD this comb, but my trip to the hospital has left me combless.

It is as awesome tool for natural hair.
Milan said…
Aw that sucks. lol Luckily their uber cheap so you can get another one. It really is an awesome tool for natural hair. I wish I had tried it sooner!