ATCM: Sweet and Spicy Accessories

Sweet and Spicy is owned by one of my alma mater (THE Ohio State University) alum, Danielle. Go Bucks! When I saw a link to her chic shop on Facebook, I knew I had to reach out to her for a feature.

She masterfully creates one of a kind jewelry pieces sure to make any woman sparkle and shine. Thanks for letting me share your goodies with the AGCM community!

When I asked her about the brand's philosophy and what kind of woman rocks her goods she had this to say:

"Sweet & Spicy Accessories is for the woman who can’t put her style in a box…she likes to mix girly with a bit of toughness…maybe with a hint of natural flavor…but most of all, always chic! The Sweet & Spicy Accessories girl has a multi-faceted personality…She may define herself as sweet…bold…sassy…or spicy…which is where the name Sweet & Spicy Accessories comes from! She loves accessories that are bold in color and big enough for her personality…and knows that fabulous accessories always complete a hot outfit!"

Luv it! If you can dig that philosophy, embody that philosophy or know someone that does, then check out her Etsy shop at for more items.


Moni said…
Beautiful jewelry. I'll definitely be checking out her shop. Since I'm a law student at your rival university, I have to sneak in a GO BLUE! :D
Milan said…
Moni, you're VERY lucky I liked you before I just found out that tidbit! Lol! Yes, check out her stuff, it's very reasonably priced (most are below $30) and fabulous.
Mae said…
These are cute! Your friend is quite talented.
Nika said…
Thank you for featuring her jewelry, they're beautiful. I will be purchasing.
Milan said…
Thanks Mae!

Hey Nika! When I first saw her jewelry I thought about you. Many look like pieces you would enjoy. I could see you rocking the bib necklace, at the very top of the feature, with your fly outfits.