Braid Out Routine Reloaded

So Udee asked me if since I started doing braid outs back in August if anything in my routine had changed.

Yes, I do do some things differently than when I started out:

* I (moisturize) and re-braid my hair every night. Yea, it can be a pain to do that but I actually find it therapeutic to do (every night about 20 mins) before hitting the sheets. It's automatic like wrapping your hair before you went to bed when you were relaxed.

* I said it up there in parentheses already but I also moisturize my hair daily: every night before re-braiding. Section by section, I mist on some of my moisturizing mist and seal with a hair lotion/milk, cream or butter. Now that it's cold, I like to seal with cream-butter consistency.

* I braid my hair in 4-5 braids on each side (of my head) and twist the ends.

I want to try braiding my hair into 2 french braids when it gets a lil longer (esp the front) to see what kind of braid outs I would get then. Probably bigger, looser waves.

This style has significantly cut down on, if not dern near eliminated, my hair tangling. It's def a mainstay hairstyle for me. If you haven't tried a braid out, I hope that you will try one soon. For all you shrinkage haters (which there will be a post on later on this week), this is a great way to combat that and show more of your hair's true length.


naturallady said…
Your twist out is sooo cute, you inspired me to wear them too. The past two weeks I have worn this style and got plenty of compliments, I really don't mind re-twisting every night it is relaxing, I do mine while sitting in bed watching the tv. I love big hair, I am a shrinkage hater.
Anonymous said…
your hair has grown so much! looking good

Unknown said…
Sex-cellent!! Your hair looks ahh-mazing!! I shall try it out: braiding the base, then twisting the ends. Lovely
Milan said…
Thanks ladies! Yes, Udee, I find that my braid outs look better when I've twisted the ends as opposed to braiding all the way down. I learned this tip from Youtube's PrettyDimples.
Milan said…
naturallady, i hope that you meant to say braid out. That hairstyle in the pic is the result of a braid out. =)