My Staple Products Line Up

So, ya girl can proudly say I'm 1 year (Dec. 8th!) deep in this natural hair game and I feel like I've pretty much finalized my staple products. It's fun to try something new (still want to try Argan oil) once every blue moon but these are the tried n trues; the mainstays and they always deliver:

* Cleanse: Castile Soap-mix of castile soap, evoo, and water

* ACV rinse

* Conditioner: Various homemade conditioning concoctions or simply water and oil (usually Coconut oil and/or EVOO)

* Moisturize/Leave In: my Moisturizing Mist (water, aloe vera juice/gel, jojoba oil), KBB Hair Milk, Shea Moisture Leave In

* Henna for Glosses/Treatments: Nupur henna

* my Oil Cocktail: EVOO, Coconut oil, Castor oil, and Jojoba oil

* Sealing ends and Twisting with: my Shea Frosting

I'm sure you noticed, that I like to keep it simple and that I make most of my stuff. I luv mixing things up and that I can make products with my specific hair needs in mind. It's also more cost effective for me, especially in the state of this economy, that I don't have to spend much and still have hair that is very healthy and looks fab.

Besides, you all know how I do, I need that extra money that I'm not spending on hair care and styling products to buy accessories with!


Chrissystina said…
I am so gonna try the Moisturizing Mist that you made! My hair love creams, but mists are really nice sometimes:-)