Product Review: Croco Clips

Remember the post I did on the FHI T-Rex Clips? Shortly after I put the post up, I headed to the local Sally Beauty Supply in search of them and encountered this less expensive version. There's 4 in a pack, 2 large and 2 small ones, and I got them for $4.99 with my Sally Beauty Card.

I really like them. They grip and secure the hair very well. Perfecto. Just be careful taking them out. The only con I experienced, with one of them, is if I wasn't careful taking it out of my hair some of my coils would get caught in the one metal part under the top part of the clip. This only happened with one of them in the pack (and hopefully none in your pack will do this) so just be gentle, like you should already be with your tresses. :D

Give them a try. You might not look at the usual plastic hair clips for sectioning hair the same way. ;D


Sunshine Abuwi said…
This post was right on time. I was just thinking that I need to get some clips to help with keeping my hair out of the way when styling other sections. I think I might try these. (NOW the only problem is getting to Sally's. The closest one an hour away... I told you I live in a small town, I have to travel to get the good stuff.)

Milan said…
Wow, you really do. An hour away? You might be better off buying them from the Sallys website, right? Save that gas cuz it's still high. Lol. I really like these clips though no more of the regular ones for me.
I think I'm going to buy some of these! I have the hardest time sectioning my hair for twist outs because I still try and put the comb in my hair (which never works), instead of a clip lol