Reader Question

Q) Uduak hit me up and asked:

"May I ask that you do a blog on trimming techniques? It's been 7 months and I've never done a trim...I think it's about time for one, but I'm scared (even tho I've trimmed other pple's hair before)! Since you've been natural, have you trimmed? How'd you do it?Thanks, girl!

Your blog is forever an inspiration (true talk!)"

A) First off, thank you! My main aim is to inspire so I'm glad that it is working! I did a whole post back in February dedicated to trims, methods, and tips. So check it out. I will be natural one year on the 8th (!) and I have trimmed my hair twice this year. My preferred method of trimming my hair is while it's in twists.

Hope this was helpful! Stay naturally fly.


Unknown said…
Its been 11 months for me and I tried to trim one good time but it was difficult, I only cut literally 20 strands and stopped myself. I have a habit of over cutting. if i f-up I would get mad and cut it all off again. Which i have seriously thought about.
Milan said…
Hey Ayoko, I feel ya, it's very easy to over trim!
Unknown said…
Thanks, Milan! VERYYY helpful! HAPPY KURLIVERSARYYYY!! Whatcha gonna do/get for your hair?? LOL!!
Milan said…
No prob girlie! I don't know yet. I was looking at Komaza Care Coconut Hair Milk. I might treat myself to that or some accessory, you know how I do. Lol. We'll see!