My Hair: Bringing Back the Leave In Conditioner?

I've decided to go back to using a leave in conditioner possibly. As my hair continues to grow, its needs are evolving like crazy it seems like. My hair has now taken an immense liking to creamy products and thrives wonderfully with the use of them. The most recent time I washed my hair, I used my Suave Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner (which is a creamy product) as a leave in and it left my hair so incredibly soft and supple and helped it retain more moisture. I think I may use this up as a leave in for now and then when it's gone, I will use a more natural alternative like

the rave reviewed Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner

or maybe Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose Conditoner.

Knowin me, I will end up getting both. I luv Aubrey Organics products and/but I also luv supporting quality BOBs (black owned businesses).

So it's looking like I'll be updating my product line up a bit again. My regimen may be getting altered slightly as well. I'm drafting up my spring/summer hair game plan too. I want to get some good growth this summer and retain most, if not all, of it so that I can get my hair into a bun by the end of this year. I think this is a feasible goal.

Learning this hair is still an exciting and ever changing journey. I luv it.


MissBrandiss said…
I have that Sauve shea and almond conditioner also, but I've never tried it as a leave in.

Also, that Oyin Honey Hemp is not as thick as AOHSR or the Sauve. (I dont know if you necessarily need something thick though) It was a slight disapointment for me. The slip that everyone raves about, I did not get. I had to add castor oil to mine and I would use it as a leave in.

Good luck on deciding!
Angelique said…
love oyin and have been hearing great things about Aubrey on youtube and all the boards and have yet to try it because I am trying to downsize my conditioner stash. Would love to hear how it works out for you.
Sheila said…
I def. want to try out the Suave conditioner. As far as AOHSR, I used to use this until I decided to try the AO White Camelia-I love it! In my hair, the AOWC has much, more slip then the AOHSR (in fact I never thought AOHSR had slip but it did leave my hair soft).

Looking forward to your Oyin Handmade review-I have yet to try this line.

Like you, I am still very excited about my hair as well : )
Devon said…
AOHSR I think would be TOO thick for a leave in. You almost need a spoon to get it out of the bottle LOL ...
Milan said…
Thanks for your input ladies. I plan to try both and will share my thoughts when I do. :D
Moni said…
I love the Oyin HH conditioner. I used it for everything from a DC to detangling to a leave-in. I only use AOHSR as a DC, because as Devon said, it would be too thick for me to use as a leave-in. It makes my hair soft and moisturized but not much slip.
Anonymous said…
AOHSR is not really the best choice for a leave in, as it will make your hair take on a pearly white film. If you do try it, use sparingly!

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