My Hair: Twists Challenge Update #3

Fri- February 26th

One more month! I can't wait! This time next year, it will be bunning challenge this time next year instead. Lol. Thanks to all the lovely ladies that joined me and left encouraging words in my 2nd update. I really appreciate it and that some of you are feeling my pain. Lol. Keep me updated on your progress! You can email me or leave comments and let me know. You guys really kept me accountable in this thing. :D

I couldn't wait till today and spent 2 hrs yesterday, taking them down. I conditioned my hair with my homemade moisturizing mist and olicoco (olive and coconut oil combo) oil, put on a plastic conditioning cap, and sat under my conditioning heat cap for about 45 minutes. My hair felt so luscious, soft and moisturized.

Right before washing my hair, I did a scalp exfoliating scrub to help lift and dislodge all the dirt and build up that was driving me crazy in the twists. My scalp felt grrrrr-eat.

I had that set in for 3 weeks and wanted to wait 4 weeks till I blew out my hair again for the next set so I decided to (semi-) straighten my hair using NO direct heat: rollerset and silk wrap. I wanted to see how much hair I really had and do a good trim (if it was necessary). I plan to straighten once (or twice) a year to trim.

My hair's grown quite nicely in 14 short months eh?

Sun-Feb 28th

Spring is so close I can taste it! I got bored with my straight hair (I know, quick right?) and put my hair in small braids last night. They took me 5.5 hrs to finish them. Once I finished them, I wet the ends to get them to coil up. I like them and am glad that I can wash my hair in them so my scalp will be happy. I'm going to mist them every day or every other day (or when I can find a good hair lotion or cream apply that to them) and apply castor oil to the ends to keep them from drying out. So I'm riding the rest of the challenge out in these suckas. Woo hoo!

If you like this up-do, you can click here to check out the quick tutorial I did.

Fri-March 5th
I'm diggin the braids and this was a reminder why I prefer them over twists if I'm going to wear a protective hairstyle long term. I co-washed my hair last night, because my scalp was a lil itchy, with Suave Almond & Shea Butter conditioner (review on that coming up soon) and no shrinkage. It felt so good. I guess some of the conditioner was left on my scalp and I forgot to ACV rinse afterwards so that's probably why. So next time I wash/co-wash, I shouldn't have this issue anymore. I will only be co-washing when in braids and it won't be more than 2 times a week. I moisturize and seal the braids daily. Right now I'm moisturizing with my mist and sealing with castor oil. As far as styles, I keep the braids pinned up. The hairstyle is my favorite and most used one at this moment. It's easy and never disappoints.

And that's all, folks. :D


Chrissystina said…
Wow! Congrats on keeping your hair in one style for so long! I purposely left my hair in one style since last Saturday, and it killed me! Even though it was hella cute, I wanted to take it down and do something else!

Do you feel like you're putting your hair in hibernation? Afterwards, my hair, scalp, and ends just feel so rested.. It's a great feeling! I just wish I can do it for as long as you can!
Kinky Rhonnie said…
Hey there, I'm cheating for a couple of weeks due to a pre-planned day party that I'm attending next Friday. I didn't have the energy to spend four hours twisting to turn around and take it down after a week so I cheated and did a braidout this past week. I'll be back with you next week.
Milan said…
Chrissystina- Grl, it has not been easy. Lol. But I'm glad I did it and I do feel like I'm putting my hair in hibernation. I know my hair has benefit from it. As much as I may try to fight it, my hair thrives off of consistent protective styling. I think I'm a C&G'er (crown & glory) for life. Hahaha.

Kinky Rhonnie- That's coo. Glad you'll be back with me/us next week. It wasn't a strict challenge. I almost didn't make it but when I was reading the comments from my last update, I knew I couldn't turn back. Thanks for holding me accountable ladies. :D
Jc said…
Oooo your hair is cute!
ALENE said…
I think I'm going to try this on my next wash day. I had my hair in tiny twist back in Aug and I received a few compliments with it...I was 5 months post relaxer then. I kept it in for a few days, not sure if it was for a week. I didn't do much with the twist I just let them be. I'm going to a destination wedding in Maui in 2 months and I think I would like to do this style. I'm going to try it out before then for a week and if lasts longer than a week then so be it. I already left a comment on your youtube channel about this style, but once again I LOVE this style and I think its a better option than going to a braid shop to get it done with added hair. As always I will post pics on my naturalsunshine page of my results when I do this style.
Unknown said…
oooh, ur ear-rings in da 2nd pic is really nice:)