Hair Rant

Our Hair is NOT Less Than and is NOT Unmanageable!

We keep trying to view it and treat it like other hair textures that have nothing to do with ours. Before the European standard of beauty was forced upon those of African descent (with afro textured hair), we just did our hair and didn't see it as "unattractive/unprofessional", "unmanageable", "too much work" or "too nappy". We didn't even know that that was the case for our hair. It just was what it was, you took care of your hair, and went on about your business. Please stop comparing our hair to others; you will never be able to fully appreciate and take pride in your own hair if you keep doing this. I know it's tempting and that the media doesn't always help but we must stop this (and looking to the media for validation and acceptance anyway). Some textures involve a little more maintenance than others. So what? It doesn't make one texture better than another. It just makes them different. Straight hair or a looser curl pattern or whatever texture other than your own that you are lusting after doesn't solve all your life's problems. Men cheat on straight haired women. Straight hair doesn't guarantee you a cushy, happy life with all the trimmings. They all have they're pros and cons. Just like some have to work out more than others to maintain a certain level of fitness and health, it's no different. So please stop sulking because you are wasting time! Accept and love YOUR hair. Lust after your hair's texture b/c it is what it is. LEARN. YOUR. HAIR.

On Length Hang Ups:
When you learn how to care for your texture properly (which includes minding your ends since that's how you retain your growth), the length will come. But you can't be lazy and complaining. Do your homework and pay attention to what your hair responds positively and negatively to. Write things down in a notebook if you have to to keep track of everything so you have an easy reference. DO NOT GIVE UP til you have found what works for you. As frustrating as it can be, just keep trying things and taking note. Your efforts won't be in vain and WILL  pay off in the end. The internet is a powerful tool. There's no excuse at this point for no one NOT to be able to learn how to care for whatever their hair texture is.

Unless you have a medical condition, your hair is always growing. A watched pot never boils anyway, so you're better off making the decision to enjoy the phases of lengths until your desired length is achieved. Youtube, is an afro textured girl's best friend. There is so much information, hairstyle inspiration and tutorials for the easiest to more advanced hairstyles no matter what length your hair is at. You have so many styling options, it's mind blowing. Be proactive and be inspired.

I know long hair signifies femininity for many but it's not the only factor. You have plenty of other physical features that let the world know you are a woman. Lol.

Back to our regularly scheduled postings. :D


Nicole said…
*Fist in the air for nappy hair*

I love my naps in all their manifestations. From my TWA to my mid length locs. Going back to my roots was the BEST decision I ever made! I'll never lust after another's length/texture because mine is just fine.

Great blog sis!
Jc said…
lol I'm wondering what sparked this post......oooo!

I completely agree with you.Hair care only becomes hard when you pick the wrong tools, products and routines. Our hair has a perfect design and a perfect simple method of care.

I think that the length obsession is not good but at the same time, it is a useful way for people to gauge whether what they are doing is good or bad. If hair is not gaining length, changes need to be made, don't blame the hair!

Ok I would type more but I just went swimming and my arms are killing me!
LaNeshe said…
Oh I need to tweet this! lol. I agree 110%
Unknown said…
When I started taking care of my hair length was never the priority. Heatlh is also very important for any kind of hair you desire. Great post.
MissBrandiss said…
Standing ovation!!!

I agree, being lazy and complaining about your hair's condition does not help. I know FIRST HAND! lol

Be proactive, that's all to it.
Unknown said…
Loved this post! I'm with you: healthy hair care is important and with it comes hair growth, shine, etc...Just do it! =)
Milan said…
Thanks ladies. Glad others feel the same way.

Jc: I'm just tired of hearing ladies that don't even TRY to learn how to handle afro textured hair/their own texture give it a bad rap. If your hair is unmanageable then it's because you have not mastered how to manage it yet. Our ancestors didn't walk around saying these things about our kind of hair pre-Eurocentric beauty standards domination. There are different steps and maybe even a couple more steps involved, sure, but OUR HAIR IS NOT ANY MORE DIFFICULT TO CARE FOR THAN ANY OTHER HAIR TYPE. Trust, I see a LOT of jacked up, dried out (usually from heat and color abuse) straight hair on women of all different races.
pulchri2dinous said…
Preach! You took the words right out of my mouth.
suga said…
I love this. I always tell people who complain about their hair being unmanageable: "well if you're trying to make you're hair do something that it was never designed to do (like be straight), then of course it's not going to be easy."

Like you said, I'm pretty sure women we're walking around Africa before colonization complaining about how unmanageable their hair was or wishing it would stay straight or grow down their backs. lol
Wendy said…
Amen! This is so on point as I just had an argument today with my mom (yes my own mother)about natural hair. My hair has always been long and straight with a relaxed, now that it is natural and short she cannot get pass it. That is exactly what she told me that she cannot and will not get over my hair. Sad case, but all I could say/think is this is the hair that you gave me. How can you not accept something that is a part of you and even more a part of our creator?!?! IDK I just don't get why alot of the older Black generation have a problem with embracing our own hair and texture. You can best believe that when I have children I will be sure to educate them and let them make their own decisions about their hair and I will support them because I am their mother. What I cannot and will not get over is such foolishness, I just wish that people would wake up and love each and every nap/kink/curl/wave that we are so blessed to have!
Anyaposh said…
yes mama! tell them. tell us! you've hit the nail on the head. now can we all just be happy with ourselves?!
MimiNaturale said…
Speak it sister! I like this tough love's hard but we really do need to change our mindset and be realistic about our hair. You are absolutely correct, the internet will be our best tool as we can't get any support from mainstream media. Keep on keeping on. With each post, pic, review you add to the knowledge pool needed for us black ladies to regain our identity!