Product Review: Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk

Hey kinky kurlies! I am almost back full speed. Still adjusting to working again. I get home and feel like going to sleep. Lol. I am almost there so I appreciate you all bearing with me because I'm so behind on posts! I've got yet another product review.

So after my success with their [Bee Mine Products] cream moisturizer, I decided (to buy stock in them when they go public. Lol and) to succumb to curiousity and give their Deja's Hair Milk a try. The cream moisturizer, I got for free. I paid for this and let me tell you the customer service I received was phenomenal and shipping was super fast. It shipped (the cheapest option available) on a Monday and by Wednesday, my order had arrived (I can't gaurantee this for everyone. I live on the east coast and her products ship from the east coast, Florida, so this may vary depending on where you live).

I like this even BETTER than the cream. I got the coconut cream scent and it has my hair smelling delish and softens and moisturizes it like nobody's business. My hair easily absorbs this product and my hair is softened immediately. I like this better than my old time favorite: Shea Moisture Conditioning Milk. Its consistency did throw me off a bit though. It's more "wet", like a light gel almost. It is not as thick as most other lotions and milks that I have used/tried in the past but that doesn't discredit its awesome moisture retaining "powers". AND IT'S GLYCERIN FREE! Yay! I look forward to seeing how it fares for my hair in the cold months.

The Deets:
Product Name: Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk
Cost: 8 oz bottle for $15 (16 oz bottle for $27)
Intended Use: Can be used as a leave-in, for detangling, and/or daily moisturizing

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sounds great. what did you use it for? just as a leave in, or in conjunction with other products?
Unknown said…
Soon as I run out of my products I have to give this line a try.
Hippie Bar said…
I read a lot of great reviews about this product. I have to try it out.