Waist Length Hair Challenge: First Length Check In!

So, it's the first update for the Waist Length Hair Challenge. FINALLY, right? Yes, they were supposed to go up last month but you all already know why that didn't happen. Now that I'm more acclimated to working again and I'm all moved in to my new spot, "it's on like Donkey Kong".

I received length checks/updates from the following original entrants and here they are. Click on the pics to see a larger view:



Another one of the entrants, Shell Sea, has her updates on her blog HERE. Check her out. It looks like she has reached waist length!

Any other originals, meaning those who sent me entry pics before May, who didn't get their pictures in, you can still send them to me and I'll put them up. For those who joined the challenge after May, everyone is welcome but I'm not posting up additional picture entries. If you have your own blog or photo album, you can chronilize your picture updates there and link back to the challenge if you like.
My updates will be in a separate post because I still haven't taken my latest update pic. What a bum I can be. LOL.

Enjoy the last day of the holiday weekend!


Ouidad Blog said…
What a fun challenge! I can't wait to see what the results will be...

Katie for Ouidad
true2me said…
I'm a little green when it comesto blogging. I joined the challenge but haven't figured out how to actually post the pics into the challenge...HELP!!