Mixtress Chronicles: My To-Mix List

I took a small hiatus from mixing but I'm making a come back. I got caught up in trying some other products for a bit and while they were/are good, there is nothing like what I was creating. So I'm back to wanting to mix things more again b/c I have my hair's specific needs and wants in mind when I create them.

Plus with the price hikes of some hair care products I wanted to try, like the AfroVeda Ginger Root Hair Pomade, (It went up a dollar since I posted about it.) I've decided that I'd rather try my hand at making my own hair pomade and sharing the experience and inspiration with you guys. There's a lot of great hair care recipes out there that I'm excited to try and add my touch to them. It goes without saying that I intend to bring you all along the ride with me so giddy up! Let's goooooooooo!

On My To-Mix List:

* a Hair Pomade
* my own hair Twisting Cream
* Flaxseed Gel
* Chicoro's Un-Petroleum Jelly recipe

I think I will try the Un-Petroleum Jelly recipe first. Stay tuned.....

PS (We are almost at 600 followers! When we reach 600, a giveaway will be in the air! Actually TWO will be in the air! Thank you guys for all your support and readership. I really appreciate it and my goal is always to provide inspiration to take pride in our kinks and kurls. This kind of hair IS beautiful.)


sachab28 said…
The Flaxseed Gel is GREAT. It really works. Just don't let it get too thick.
Divafied Mama said…
I too find myself making concoctions of oils for my scalp, and mixing butters (I'm getting better just funds are limited). I read about the Afroveda price hike, and I guess that means to get my kitchen/entrepreneurial spirit going.
Efe said…
Oh snap! These things are on my 'To-Mix' list as well. I'm excited for the new posts.