My Hair: The Cold Weather Season

Summer has left us yet again and I say good riddens! This summer in NYC would have liked to kill me. It was so bloody, hot and humid that I found myself yearning to all but take my life. I'm exaggerating, of course, but you know what I'm getting at. Lol.

So what do I plan to do with my hair now that it's getting cooler? Not much from what I do now, honestly. My regimen doesn't change with the seasons, mainly just how I choose to wear my hair. I tend to wear my hair tucked away more because it dries out less that way. This cold weather season, I plan to alternate between the following hairstyles:

* Crochet Braids - but of course! I luv that they don't stress my hairline (as long as they are not braided too tight) like singles/individual braids with extensions do.

* Try Mini Twists again- I think part of my not liking them as much as I used to was that I started doing them with hair butters. All the times I really liked my hair in twists, I realized that I used a gel or pudding so I think my hair looks better when it's twisted with a gel or pudding. So I'm going to try twists again.

* Braided or 2 Strand Flat Twist Funky Up-Do's that I can leave in for up to two weeks

* Curly Sets: Twist n Curl, Braid n Curl or flexi rod sets - I want to try using a natural setting lotion of foam to get the style to last for at least the work week (5 days). I plan to experiment with flexi rods and try out the Jane Carter Wrap and Roll.

* Retro Up-Do's and Bun variations - these are always a great standby when I don't feel like doing more time intensive hairstyles like mini twists.....

Oh yea and

* Wigs - Just a little bit. I think I will play around with them again to get my color fix till I decide to follow through with coloring my hair

What will you be doing to your hair for the cold weather season? Does your regimen change?


Efe said…
This winter, I'll seal with shealoe and wear my hair up in funky updos 24/7.
Tiffany said…
I am still figuring out products, but I already know the style. Two strand twists in a bun or updo for a week, then rock the twist out for a week. Easy Peasy.
JenellyBean said…
Being that this will be my first winter as a natural I'm not sure how to adjust my regimen.

My hair is long enough to do a roll and tuck and pin, but not much other tuck away styles.

Im thnking about putting my kinky twists back in. They were gorgeous!
Veronica W. said…
i will definitely be doing protective styles this winter. I want to protect it as much as possible. my regimen probably wont change.
Alta Angel said…
I plan on still using the Kimmaytube Leave-in twice per week (subbing Giovanni Direct for Knot Today), Taliah Wajiid Mist Bodifier for daily moisture and doing variations of twistncurls and braidncurls (hair type 4a/b).

I use Lottabody Olive Oil Setting lotion for my braid/twist sets. I apply the leave in first, then dilute the setting lotion and sit under the dryer on low for 20 minutes. My sets last 5 days or longer if I spray a touch of setting lotion and rebraid a wayward piece towards the end of the week.

I am thinking about using the Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie for extra moisture for my sets maybe during the winter months.
misslycia said…
Twists and updos! These are ideal low-maintenance styles for me. Plus, my afro will not fit under a hat in the winter, lol. When the weather is harsh, I try not to let my hair down, except for special occasions.

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