Style Files: How I've Been Styling My Hair

So what have I been doing with my hair lately?

This is only my second time doing this style since being natural. On freshly washed, damp hair, I applied Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk first and then applied Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll before twisting my hair. I twisted my hair into medium to large twists and then rolled the ends on flexi rods. Note. I forgot that when you do this style on wet or damp hair, it takes FOREVER for my hair to dry. Ugh! Future times I rock this style, I will do it on dry hair.

2 Strand Flat Twists Up-Do
This was my first time doing this. I must admit that I didn't like it at first but it grew on me and now I'm inspired to try some different styles in the future. It lasted all week so I didn't have to do my hair. Woo hoo! I just luv "get up-n-go hair". I got the inspiration for this style from natural hair Youtuber, Keke52284. She's uber talented and inspiring when it comes to these types of up-do's. Check her out when you get a chance. She's dope.

I think this week coming up, I'll be rocking buns all week and let the fro loose on the weekend.


Ouidad Blog said…
YouTube and blogs are great for inspiration.

I just came across this blog post today ( about a woman who came to one of our salons and got a twist-out from her stylist. Great post because she also includes a lot of hair care tips for the style.

Love your hair... and earrings! Where did you get those?

Katie for Ouidad
Velma Williams said…
You look so cute with the hair styles, my favorite is the first one :)
I actually tried the style you were inspired by! Keke does a great job styling updos.

Your hair looks fierce!
Nyachomba said…
Your hair looks lovely..I have been following your hair journey since you started and I must say your hair has grown so much and looks so amazingly healthy...Great styling
Unknown said…
your blog is really interresting. Luv your hair, and style. Keep on goin' on.