Black Hair Care Professional Reniece Talks about the Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I did a post on the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, aka BKT, early last year. It always concerned me that if you didn't wear a face mask and goggles and weren't located in a well ventilated area that the fumes from baking the treatment onto your hair would create immediate side effects like nausea, dizziness, burning eyes and throat, runny nose, etc. Many brands that said their products had no or low amounts of formaldehyde lied. I still don't recommend it to anyone.

Check out black hair care professional, Reniece's, video below. It's very informative and personalized as well since she herself tried the treatment.


Anonymous said…
the fact that this person had a hair weave in her hair to begin with creates no credibility with me. adult folks make adult decisions, get what you want in your hair. we have been getting relaxers in our hair for years and dealing with the scabs and thinning hair. now all of a sudden we are educated on what is bad for our hair. give me a break, do you at the end of the day.
Milan said…
Anonymous: Yes, we are becoming educated about what's good and bad for our hair. And???? What in tar nation is wrong with that? People can and do do whatever they want with their hair. No one is handcuffing anyone here and I am not passing judgement on anyone who chooses to do the treatment. I am simply sharing information and my opinion on the treatment. I find it laughable that b/c the vlogger wears a weave she is not credible in your eyes but you are entitled to your opinion. Adults do what they want but I wouldn't recommend this treatment to anyone. It is what it is.
Todra Payne said…
I am continually shocked by the disregard some women have for their own health in order to appeal to some bizarre, unnatural standard of beauty. Yes, we ARE educated now. If "doing you" means putting your health at risk with ridiculous products, then go ahead. My company informs women of these risks so they can make wise decisions. Thank God my customer base wants the education. Amazing post, Milan. Keep it up.