My Favorite Henna Mix Recipe of All Time

1 cup of Nupur Henna
Coconut milk
1 Tbsp Grapeseed Oil
1 Tsp Honey (or Agave Nectar)

Instructions (if your hair is longer than mine, you will want to increase this recipe):
- Place henna in plastic or glass bowl
- Pour enough coconut milk and stir (with a plastic or wooden spoon) until the thick, muddy consistency is achieved
- Stir in the grapeseed oil
- Add honey or agave nectar (I use whatever I have on hand) and stir
- Wash/cleanse hair first
- Apply mix to damp hair, in sections and using plastic, latex or vinyl gloves (or you'll have orange palms and nails for a few weeks) and leave on for at least 30 mins. Heat is optional. I don't use it.
- Rinse with just water first. This will get most of henna out. Then apply (cheapie) conditioner or a gentle shampoo/cleanser to get the rest out. Repeat as many times as necessary till water runs clear. I like to use a gentle cleanser and only have to apply once to get the remaining henna out.

NOTE: I DON'T USE HENNA FOR COLOR so my mixes are not for that. Please keep that in mind if you try it out.  This mix leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and defined and rinses out like a dream. Remember, this is not the end all be all henna recipe; there are MANY. This is just my favorite one, after trying and creating many different recipes of my own over time. Tweek it however you see fit. For more information on henna and how to get started, please visit  I learned everything I know about henna from there.

I try to do a henna treatment once a month. I apply mine right away after mixing because I am not going for the color effects (I wouldn't get any anyway) and leave it on for 30 minutes at most. Sometimes I leave it in longer but those times that I do are just outta sheer laziness. Hehe. :D

Henna rocks!


A Simple Thing said…
Do you find that your hair is strengthened afterwards, even without letting the henna colour release?
GG said…
This is so right on time for me! I just tried henna for the first time, and while I loved it...I realize that I need to try different mixes to see what works best for me. Also, I left it in way too long. I'm going to try your mixture when I do it again. I'll let you know how it goes!
Unknown said…
In your experience, you don't think it's necessary to leave henna in for hours, or even over night like some other bloggers do?
1xellus1 said…
I love how you whip up your own concoctions. I wish I could do henna, but I'm allergic. Itching like crazy. I found out the hard way. YIKES LOL
Milan said…
A Simple Thing: Yes. The color release has nothing to do with the conditioning properties of henna. Besides I have brown-black hair so the color release wouldn't even do anything for my hair.

GG: Glad to be of some help. I hope my mix will work for you. I've got a new mix in mind that I can't wait to try out and share the results with you guys. It's so fun playing around with the recipes till you find ones that are keepers.

Rhoyale: In my experiences, I do not find it necessary. When I first started using henna, I used to leave it on for hours (and sometimes overnight which proved to be disasterous!) compared to now when I try not to leave it on for more than 30 mins, and I haven't seen a difference in the benefits received. Once I observed this, it was game on for me and I haven't looked back since. This approach may not work for everyone, but I'm soooo glad it works for me! I hated leaving it on for hours, messing up my daily flow n stuff. Hahaha.

1xellus1: That sucks that you're allergic. I'd be hurt if I ever became allergic. Have you tried cassia? It provides similar results without the color. Maybe you won't be allergic to that.
OOOh, this mix sounds lovely! I will have to try one of these days!
Cutie121 said…
I tried your recipe last night. I'm about 30% grey so I left the mix on for an hr & 30 min. You were right it was very easy to apply & rinse out. When I did rinse my hair was bright red & not just the grey. I was a little worried. I loaded my hair up with conditioner bagged it & went to bed. This morning my hair was still red but it's more of a cherry wood color. I like it. My hair is more soft & I still have good curl definition. I will definitely make Henna part of my hair routine