Make Up Inspiration: The Beauty of Color by Iman

Make up enthusiasts and artists, if Iman's The Beauty of Color: The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Women of Color isn't in your library, then it needs to be! This book is an awesome tool/resource for us women of color (the book is filled with women of various ethnicities). There's so much inspiration in its pages, I want to go "play" make up right now! I've always luv'd Iman and as a little girl, she was definitely one of my black beauty icons I looked up to. If only my neck were a little longer to match hers. Lol.

In the book, Iman breaks down the basics of skin care and make up application. She also shares with you how to create various looks from natural looks to glam. I recommend getting it on Amazon because you can get it gently used for really cheap. I bought mine gently used for $1.99! Plus shipping, it cost me under $10 and was here before a week had passed. :D


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Amina said…
I love this book! I collect makeup books :) I can't wait for the new NARS book to come out :)