Mixtress Chronicles: Even Better Hair Wash Recipe

Thanks to one of the readers, I tried a different hair wash recipe that I like even more. She commented under my post where I put the Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash on my wishlist. I don't know her name b/c she posted as anonymous but I have to give you a big thank you grl! Thank you for sharing your recipe! I swear, I like your recipe even better! So under that post here is the recipe she shared:

- 1 Tbsp Rhassoul Clay
- 200 ml Water
- 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

Being the mixtress that I am, I tweaked it to go like this:
- 2 Tbsp Bentonite Clay (I used bentonite clay b/c that's what I have in the house)
- 200ml Aloe Vera Juice (use water if you like or don't have AVJ on hand)
- 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
- 1 Tsp Honey

I can't speak for hers because I've never used rhassoul clay before (even though I've heard fabulous things about it) but my mix yielded a watery mix and I liked that, actually. I applied the mix to my scalp and hair with an applicator bottle (I may try it with a spray bottle next and see) and then I massaged it into my scalp and hair. Once massaged in well, I rinsed it out and continued with my air dry routine. That's it.

Wow, my hair felt great again: super soft and smooth instantly after rinsing it out (even upon application my hair was soft and smooth feeling, no tangles). My koils were behaving and have an excellent sheen to them. Again, no need for my ACV rinse. I've seriously eliminated a step from my washing routine! I'm so excited about that. Whack, I know, but I'm still excited. Haha.

Note. When settled, my mix did separate some (maybe because I used aloe vera juice instead of water? I'm not sure.) so I kept shaking it occasionally to keep it in suspension. This mix was enough for one application for me.

I'm back to mixing again and I couldn't be happier. Which means more recipes and mishaps to share with you guys, like my shealoe disaster (a post on that soon!). Next on my list is a recipe for a styler, like a styling pudding, that gives me hold and definition. This could be shealoe but in an upcoming post, I'll share with you all how I jacked mine up and am back to the drawing board.

Happy Mixing!


Dannielle said…
Bless you dearie... I needed a concoction like this for my hair.
Unknown said…
uhm, how do you measure in ml? i guess i can google a conversion for it.
beautiful me said…
Sounds good. I wonder if I could do something similar with my locs... I may have to try this!
ALENE said…
I like the recipe especially since I have a jar of bentonite clay(only used once)and am looking for ways to use it up. Did you let the mixture sit for awhile in your hair before rinsing and following up with your detangle and deep conditioning steps?
Milan said…
Hey Barbara: use one of those glass or plastic measuring cups that show mL on it.

Alene: I didn't let the mixture sit really. AFter I felt it was massaged into my scalp and hair well enough, i rinsed it out like i would shampoo. I detangle my hair after it's been washed and is damp. I don't condition or deep condition my hair.

BeautifulMe: I'm not sure but if you try it, do let me know! Maybe, you could be a guest writer and share your experiences as loc'd beauty how the hair wash works or doesn't work.

Dannielle: Glad I could help!
savvybrown said…
I met someone the other day who told me that you did a post about this. I have only used bentonite clay as a conditioner. I must try this! Thank you so much!

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