Wash n Go on My 4a Texture Hair

Look at my (pen spring size) coils poppin! I washed my hair this past Saturday and the beautiful day and weather ignited my spontaneity. I decided to sport a wash n go. What do ya think? I can tell my hair has grown because my hair in its shrunken state, in this wash n go, is around the length my braid outs used to look back in summer '09. Nice. ;D (Excuse the greasy face, I couldn't find my usual Black Opal foundation stick and had to use some of my girl's MAC pressed powder. Mineral face powders make my face shiny. Haha. #ohwell)

I didn't use any orthodox method to applying the Kinky Curly Curling Custard to my hair. Per the instructions, I applied it to my hair sopping wet. I applied Kinky Curly Knot Today Detangler/Leave In first before applying the custard.

My hair was in six sections at first and then I divided each of those sections in half so I applied the custard to my hair in 12 sections total. Any sections that started to dry some, I would re-wet before applying the custard. I didn't shingle or anything special; I simply used my fingers to rake and smooth the product in. Application took me no more than 30 minutes.

Once my hair dried a little more, I blew out the roots some around the front and crown for a little added length and volume. (If you're not into heat, you can try lifting your hair at the roots with a hair pik to get a similar effect.) From there, I enjoyed my day and let it air dry. If you're anti-frizz, remember no touchy, touchy till it's completely dry. Because I have medium density hair, I don't mind a lil frizz; it gives my hair a lil more volume.

I must say, at first, I wasn't sure if I liked it. I haven't worn my hair in its shrunken state in a long time so I wasn't used to seeing myself like that. I know that may sound silly but it's the truth. But as it fully dried, I liked it. As the days go on, it gets fuller and expands more and I really like that. I think this will definitely last me a week.

A review will be coming soon sharing my thoughts about the KCCC. I will say one thing, ladies, the KCCC is not a miracurl product, meaning it can only enhance what you already have. If you have mega shrinkage like me, mine at this point is like 50% or maybe even more, even with the use of this product the end result will not be a curl pattern you don't already possess. Now if you hair shrinks less than mine, then you will probably receive more lengthening but again, this product will not create a hair texture and/or pattern that you don't already have.

Keep that in mind when trying it so you are not disappointed when it doesn't come out like the 3C kurly or the other 4A kurly who's blog you follow or videos you watch.

Will I do these more frequently since it went well? I don't know. I still prefer to wear my hair in stretched hairstyles. It thrives best in that situation but it's good to know, when the spontaneous breeze hits me, if I want to rock a wash n go that this hairstyle is a viable option for me.

PS (I wasn't around yesterday so Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! Hope you all enjoy your day yesterday. Who run the world? MOTHERS!)


Roodlyne said…
Hi there!
new follower here :)
I just big chopped this Saturday yay!
so yesterdaqy was my first day out with my short hair, I did a Deed condition and style with Kinky Curly Curling Custard for the first time.
I heard a lotta good thing abt it... it did a good job on my little curls except this morning I woke up with tons of white residue on my hair, I had to go back in the shower and try to rinse them out, look like it got worst when I wet it, I ran a little conditioner in there and wash it out, it didn't come out completely I still have some white residue :(
does it do that to your hair too?
BTW your WnG looks fabs!
Milan said…
Thanks ladies. :D

Supermomplace: Welcome to the blog! And congrats on your BC! If you experienced white residue, it means you used too much of it. I got a little heavy handed in the front myself and got a little of this. Don't feel discouraged though, just keep trying till you come to the right amount for your hair and you shouldn't see the white residue anymore.

Also, did you use the Kinky Curly Knot Today Detangler/Leave In underneath the curling custard? From what I've heard it doesn't play nice with most other conditioners and can cause the white residue that way as well.
Your hair is growing out quite nicely, miss lady.
Milan said…
Thanks Halibel. :D
Roodlyne said…
Hi Milan! back with praise report LOL
I did a co-wash and remove all the grit from my hair, I used the KCCKT leave in (I didn't even know I had it LOL already a PJ) anyway after my wash I apply the leave-in in my wet hair and the custard on top very little bit, my little fro looks amazing.
Thanks for your help :)

I posted a pic you can see it here http://supermomplace.com/fully-curly/