Did A Henna Gloss Since Forever

Tip: Applying henna with gloves hairstylists use to do hair color is even better than the regular plastic/latex gloves. New Yorkers, I got thse gloves from Beauty 35 (on 35th and 8th in the city). I'm sure Sally's sells something comparable.
 I haven't done a henna treatment of any kind in MONTHS. I had been neglecting to do them once a month like I used to. I need to get back to it. My hair is great now but it really does benefit from the use of henna. It shows off when I stay on my henna game so I decided to do a henna gloss recently. Here's the mix I used this time. This is general recipe I normally use when I'm not trying anything new:

* 2 Tbsp Nupur Henna
* Coconut milk (till a creamy pudding consistency was achieved)
* 1 Tablespoon Grapeseed oil
* Some squirts of aloe vera gel
* 1 Tsp Honey

Note. If you have shorter hair or longer hair than mine and want to try this recipe, you can tweek it to match your needs. My hair between APL and BSL when stretched and I always have left overs. I freeze what is left over and use it for the next application. With trial and error, you'll figure out what proportions will work best for you.

I did my usual pre-treatment of my hair before washing it with my aloe vera custard and then cleased my hair with my hair mud wash mix. I blotted my hair with my old t-shirt (that I use to gently remove excess water from hair) to remove any excess water so that my hair was damp.

What the mixture looks like when its all mixed up. I like my henna gloss mixes to have a creamy pudding consistency. I get little to no mess when applying it with this consistency.
 I then applied the mixture to my hair in sections and let sit (no plastic cap) for about 20-30 mins and did house work and some art before rinsing it out. Yeah, I don't leave my henna treatments on for hours upon hours anymore. I've things to do and I receive all the benefits in this time frame. First I just rinsed it out with water. The coconut milk really makes rinsing out henna so much breezier. Then I rinsed with Yes to Carrots conditioner to make sure I got the rest out.

My hair felt great as always: soft, smooth, lots of sheen, and fortified. Henna also results in defining and clumping my koils really well, so well that right after the treatment, they don't want to be combed out and stretched! Next week it'll be fine when I go to wash it though but that just shows how well it clumps my koils.
So gotta get back to doing them once a month. My hair feels sooooo nice!

New to henna? Visit Henna for Hair first and download the free e-booklet before you try it or any of my henna mixes.