See n Try Hairstyles: Toni Daley's 3 Flat Twists

It's friggin hot as Hades here in the Big Apple. So much so that I don't even want the fro out. Hairstyles that keep my hair outta my face and off my neck are what the natural hair doctor ordered. Toni recently did a quick tutorial on an easy, summer heat appropriate hairstyle. I love that she did it on wet/damp hair actually because the day I did this style, I was air drying my hair from washing it but had places to be and people to see so this is a great style for that if you need to wash your hair but you've got places to be before your hair has fully dried.

- You'll see in Toni's tutorial that she used gel. I didn't feel like using any so I didn't but you can if you like to.
- Head scarf to tie my hair down with. This helps to smooth your edges and give a sleeker look.

Check out her tutorial below, subscribe to her channel if you haven't already (she's fab! and "a friend in my head") and stay cool in this summer heat!

PS (If you're diggin the earrings I wore, they're in the shop!)


Rasheda said…
This is how I am currently wearing my hair. I use three flat twist down the back though (my hair is crazy thick and two isn't enough).. I Love It..