Hair Products 101 Review and Giveaway!

Remember when I was saying that I was going to read this book and share my thoughts with you guys? Shortly after I wrote that post and before I could purchase the book, the lovely Chicoro sent me a signed copy. She also sent me 3 additional copies to giveaway to some lucky ladies. Details on entry will be at the end of the post.

So I like to keep my reviews now as short yet to the point as possible. Because at the end of the day people want to know your overall thoughts on if a product is worth buying. This book is worth buying to add to your hair care library. If you are familiar with Chicoro's first publication, Grow It!, then you know her writing style is very encouraging, understandable and practical. She didn't veer from that approach in this book either.

Ever look at the ingredients on a product and outside of water, you don't know what the heck any of those fancy scientific terms for ingredients mean? This publication will better help you understand "what all that stuff" is and how they all work to create different effects on hair. I believe Chicoro's mission with this book like her other one is to continue empowering you to take your hair care into your own hands and make better and informed decisions. Hair Products 101 gives you the run down on the structure and characteristics of our hair, the general make up of hair care products and talks in detail about what ingredients are commonly used in different types of products like shampoos, conditioners, etc. and why. This is not a book that talks about how bad, good, organic or toxic ingredients are. It's simply an explanation to what the heck is in your products and what they do. It's empowering to be privvy to this type of information b/c it makes you, as a consumer, better able to shop for products more effectively and have an idea of how they will perform for you. I also like how this book was detailed yet very understandable. You won't feel like you are reading an organic chemistry book.

A lot of valuable information is packed into this quick and easy read. Chicoro states that she is not a scientist, doctor or cosmetologist. She is simply sharing information and tips and encourages you to do your own research as well. I like to think of myself as pretty savvy when it comes to reading and understanding product labels and I learned so much from this book. I recommend it to any and everyone to add to their hair care library.


Giveaway starts today and will end next Wednesday, 11/3 at 11:59PM. Any entries after this time will not qualify. Three (3) winners will be selected via and announced that following Saturday.

To Enter: You must be a follower on the blog. If you aren't a follower now, all you have to do is start following to be eligible. Leave a comment stating your name that you follow the site under and share your favorite hair care product and an ingredient in it that you feel gives your hair good results.

Good luck and stay naturally fly!


Amy Irvin said…
One of my favorite hair products is Zipporah Beauty Vanilla Mint moisturizing hair serum. I love that it has aloe vera juice in it.
Theoneandonly said…

Unrefined Shea Butter - I like it because its Natural, my hair feels well nourished, shines and moisturized. When I do Bantu Knots or use rods to set my hair it looks like I applied heat to my hair, but no its UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER. Plus it leaves my hair feeling heavenly!
Latoya said…
My name is Latoya. I've been a follower for some time. My favorite product is ...hmm.... do I have to pick just one? If I have to, I'd say SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque. I like it because it is a good butter-based moisturizer witha shea base. It also does double duty as a deep conditioner.
Rasheda said…
Name: Rasheda
User Name:Kadesharasheda

I keep it simple. I use Beautiful Curls Leave-in Cond, Seal with Coconut oil and twist with my own Aloe Vera (juice) Shea/Mango Butter Mix. My hair loves Pure Aloe Vera Juice. I use it in everything and my hair drinks it up. On days that I don't use it my hair feels weird. So Aloe Vera Juice gives me the best results.
MizzNiecy said…
Sharon, Ive been following your site for quite some time and I love it.
I get my best results from Shea Butter and Castro Oil.
vetty said…
I follow on Google Friends under "Yvette". One of my favorite products is Oyin "Juices & Berries". I feel that the glycerin helps maintain the moisture that's already in my hair.
Hi- I'd love to get this book! I'm still fiending for the last book of Chicoro's to hit the kindle.

Anyway, I don't see a follow widget here on your blog. It could be blocked out since I'm on a different computer but I do follow via Google Reader. Log in name is reviyve
Oops I forgot to share my favorite hair product and ingredient.

There are so many! I'm trying to curtail my PJ ways though so if I had to choose just one it would be Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine. I absolutely love this because it keeps my hair from being crunchy when I use gel. The Shea Butter is whta I think is doing the job.
Denise said…
Hi! My name is Denise and I'm a follower. My favorite haircare product is from Jane Carter and it is AMAAAAZING!! I love it. I love every single ingredient and I believe the combination of all ingredients is what really works magic on my hair. It's all natural and it contains shea butter and essential oils. It adds moisture and shine without ever being greasy. If I had to chose one haircare product to use on my hair this would be it!!!
Juliana said…
One of my favorite products is Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave In and the ingredient is Shea Butter my hair seems to love it.

I follow under Juliana
HairItIs said…
I follow the blog under my name, Nefertiti. My favorite hair care product is coconut oil, and the ingredient in it that gives me good results is...coconut oil! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
Afropean Queen said…
Hi, I am a follower (Afropean Queen - real name Christina). My fav product is Aloe Vera. I love what it does to my hair (soft, silky) as well as for my skin (soothes and glides over easily) and as a drink (very refreshing and healthy). I have bought my own plants, so I make my own gel and juice. The benefits are tremendous and amazing!!!!!
nubiannapps said…
Hi my name is Terranicia. I follow under the name nubiannapps. My favorite product is Giovanni 50/50 balance conditioner and my favorite ingredient is coconut oil!
Davina916 said…
My favorite hair care product is 100% castor oil. That's the only ingredient. I follow this blog using the name Davina916. Thanks!
k.labell said…
I'm a follower as Juicesmom. I love love love Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I think it's the coconut oil that I love the most about it.
India said…
I am a follower as I'ts_me_indi, and my favorite product is the hairmilk by EDEN bodyworks. I think it is the olive oil that helps my hair stay soft.
Hi!!! I follow you under the name ♥ Halicakes ♥. =3

my fav hair product to use is Infusium 21. My fav ingredient to use in my mixtures is olive oil! Widely available and works wonders.