LOA Thursdays: Choosing to Have a Good Day

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I remember once in my childhood, one of my siblings said something that made me really upset. I was crying and really torn up about it. I cried to my mother and she told me, "No one [or thing] can make you feel any kind of way without your permission." I didn't understand it right away back then but I always kept that nugget of wisdom with me and as I got older I came to understand it.

This relates to today's topic because, having a good or a bad day ultimately is your choice. You can't have a good or bad day without your permission. I know you may be thinking but something bad happened the start of the day and it just threw my whole day of course or I was having a good day till this thing happened to me at the end of the day thus ruining my day overall. The short answer to that: it didn't have you to. You let it throw your day off course. The phrase, "Dont' sweat the small stuff" rings so true b/c bad things happen to everyone. It's all in how you CHOOSE TO RESPOND to them that shapes what kind of day, week, month, year and life you will have. We can't control everything that happens to us but we can control how we respond to things and if you want to feel good, then choose to feel good; dust yourself off from the bad incident and choose to reset yourself back to feeling good. Maybe it listening to your favorite song to get you back in happy space, taking a few deep breaths, a short prayer to God for some positivity, ect. Happiness doesn't just fall into lucky people's laps, it's a choice. Happy people actively pursue happiness and emit positivity so that it finds them more readily, easily and often.

If something bad happens to me during the course of the day, I try tell myself, "I'm thankful that it wasn't worse." No matter what situation you've encountered, it could always be worse, let 's be real. Try to remind yourself the situation could have been way more awful, give thanks that it wasn't and try to find ways to turn your mood around. Most of the time when you look back on your bad day, you see that it wasn't even that big to get so upset over. When you direct your thoughts towards positivity, those frequencies attract positive things.

On one Keeping up with the Kardashians (I aint ashamed to admit I watch!) episode when Khloe got married, at the reception, Kourtney's toast talked about how everyday, when their father was alive, he asked everyone to share the pit of their day and the peak of their day. I like this because it forces you to always recognize bad things happen everyday and positive things happen to us everyday too. Find the good in things, there is always a silver lining.

Please remember, no one likes for bad things to happen but they also remind us to be thankful for what good things we already have. It's crazy but the bad things are what make us who we are b/c they force us to grow and be more appreciative when the good things happen for us.

Stay positive and choose to have a good day.


Candice said…
I love this post! I am actively working on this every day.
PennyfrmHeaven said…
Great post! One thing I've learned is along the same lines: Make a habit out of happiness.

I think so many of us have a habit of being stressed out, exhausted, lonely, or anxious. But if we make a habit out of being happy, it definitely allows the good energy to just flow.

Love the blog!
HairItIs said…
I agree with this 100%, and I was just describing this way of thinking/living to someone, recently. Happiness is, for the most part, a choice, in my experience. On paper, this past year has been one of the hardest and most challenging for me in terms of work and finances; and yet, rather than being down in the dumps, I've been feeling happier than I ever have. By choosing happiness, I have found more and more happiness in my life choosing me right back, and now things are even looking a lot better on paper, too!

I really like these LOA Thursdays you've been doing, and I truly look forward to reading them each time!
LaNeshe said…
So, so true. Sometimes you have to actively work to stay happy.
alldaynatural said…
Truer words have never been spoken. No matter what happens, if you put things in perspective, it helps to change your mood. Reminding yourself that things could always be worse makes a big difference.