LOA Thursdays: Expecting the Best

Most of us have been taught to "expect the worst" so then if the worse doesn't happen we're not as let down. In theory, that sounds like a good plan but it's really not. When you expect the worse, you don't expect the best either. So while a situation may not have turned out to be the worse, because you gave so much energy to prepping for the worse, the situatuion wasn't the best either; it was just "eh". Who genuinely wants to live in "eh" consistently for the rest of their lives? The Law of Attraction will really force you to think about what you think about. Remember, we have more control of our thoughts and feelings than we realize many times. We can't feel any way about anything without our own consent to feel it.

So if you didn't get approved for that loan, then look at/learn why you didn't and what you need to do to get approved for it; sometimes that even involves taking a different approach than you may have in the past. Put in the effort, get creative and expect the best the next time you apply for it and don't be suprised if you get it! If you want something bad enough, never get detered. You read my story on how I got here to NYC. I didn't get here expecting the worse. I got here because I kept trying and with each "let down", I let it fuel me to continue expecing the best and that's what I got! My life isn't perfect but it's very good b/c I choose to expect greatness for it.

Expect the best because that's what you deserve!

What things equate greatness for you life that you need to start expecting?


I wear rose colored glasses and always see things from the bright side. I dont think I know how to expect the worst. lol

Wow you look amazing on your pose there. I like it so much.