Chiroco's Hair Products 101 Book Giveaway Winners

Sorry I made you all wait so long to see who won a copy of Hair Products 101 by Chicoro! So much was going on and then ya girl messed around and got sick but I am back in good health now and always thankful for a strong immune system. I think I was just doing so much and sometimes when we fall ill, it's our body's way of telling us to slow down.

Aaaaany-who....Each entrant was given a number in the order they commented and the winners were selected at random by So the following ladies please email me your shipping address (by the end of this month or you forfeit your winnings and I'll redraw for another winner) so I can get your copies out to you:


Afropean Queen!


Congrats ladies and thank you to everyone who entered. I hope to do another one before the year is over so be on the lookout. It's a great book and I hope you will enjoy it as much I did. It is a permanent fixture in my natural hair care library.

Stay naturally fly and for all of you that enjoy reading what I have to say on this lil blog, I thank you. I do it for you and I do it for me too. :D Have a great weekend!


Woohoo!!! I won the book. ~dances around~ thx Sooooooo muchhhhh!!!!! :)