My Hair:: Crochet Twists

I tried to do The Damn Salon style urban twists but crochet them in instead and wasn't successful. Lol. It just didn't look like how they do it but it still  turned out fab:

October 2011: Crochet Twists with Marley braiding hair

I loved it! I only got to rock this style for about 2 weeks because my scalp was not having it. I had an allergic reaction to this batch of hair and had to take them out. :( But I will definitely be revisiting them again.

Like typical crochet braids, on clean hair, all my hair was cornrowed straight back. Hair was then crocheted into the braids with a latch hook. Normally I would braid the extensions down some (and leave the rest out) but this time b/c this hair was a kinky texture, I was able to twist it down some. Instead of the usually curly hair I get for crochet braids, I used marley braiding hair. I like the marley hair better because the texture resembles my real hair texture. I played around with 2 different colors since I probably won't ever color my real hair.

I loved how it turned out. I got a lot of compliments and a lot of people really thought it was my hair and that I colored it. The Marley hair is also great because with crochet braids/twists, after a while, the parts will start to get fuzzy and it better blends with this kind of hair.

I gotta find a wig like this. Or find wefted marley hair and I'll make a wig like this myself!