Mixtress Chronicles: My Latest Hair Mist

My latest hair mist mix, I am LOVING. The ingredients are listed below in the order their majority in the mix.

  • Water - 90%
  • Aloe vera gel (I've been using Trader Joe's brand) - 5%
  • EVOO - 4.7%
  • Honey (just a little) - 0.3%
As with any of my mists, I don't measure anything and just eyeball it. It's mostly water and every thing else in small quantity is added. I added the percentages after each ingredient to give you an idea; this is a rough estimate. Be careful to not get carried away with the honey. If you get too happy with it, the mix will leave your hair sticky; ya girl speaks from experience on this-it's not a nice feeling. A quick squirt is enough. Honey is potent, a little goes a long way.

My hair has been loving EVOO lately and I couldn't be happier because it's super affordable and can be found everywhere. I was getting tired of paying more for the oils that I couldn't find in the local grocers. EVOO is super cheap and effective. Like coconut oil, it is able to penetrate the hair strand some and help prevent hydral fatigue (your hair absorbing too much water). This mist mix is trumping my previous mist that I used to make. When I use this with the Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk, the result is even softer and moisturized koils. Score.  

As with any of my hair mists, I make sure I dump whatever may be left after 2 weeks and create a new batch. I do this to prevent contamination.


Coilybella said…
I have to try honey in my spritz too
Tiffany said…
I just jumped on the EVOO bandwagon as well. Ran outta coconut and what a pleasant surprise! Liking it.
Krystal said…
how do u use this product? on dyr or damp hair?