Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm Back

So back in May I said that I was done and that I had moved past blogging about hair and I wanted to inspire people in other ways. Well I still do and have other outlets to (like my creative blog and my personal finance blog) do that but lately my spirit has been tugging at me to write about hair once more. I guess I just needed a sabbatical from here. At the time of my last post my life was very fast paced, action packed and it still is but when my spirit tells me to do something, I listen (most of the time. LOL. Still working on that!).

When I let the blog go, I kinda let my hair care game go some too. My hair became so much of an afterthought that I neglected it some during the summer. I thought I had reached hair nirvana and, in a sense, I have but I am learning that I am still learning. Make sense? I don’t view it as a journey as much as I view it as just taking good care of my hair, having fun styling it and getting some length along the way.

So when can you expect new reading material? I’m not sure yet. ;p I am working on a post that will share what my hair has been up to between May and now and I will have that up before this month ends. Gonna give this place a face lift before the year is up as well. I am planning on updating the blog once or twice a month. I know, not as frequent as before, but we’ll see. Baby steps at this point. If I do some sporadic, short posts from my phone, you may see more posts per month.

Lastly, my spirit really felt inspired to start writing here again because I’ve been seeing a lot of Type 4 girls getting discouraged and wishing they had Type 3 hair or looser and that bothered me because while I appreciate all hair types, I love mine! I rep PROUD for the Type 4 girls who’s hair doesn’t grow fast or slow- it's just average growth rate, the girls that can’t literally “wash n go” with their hair, the girls who's hair shrinks up to a twa when left to airdry when it hasn’t been stretched by braids or twists. I rep for the girls whose hair coils, it doesn't curl, it COILS in varying diameters from that of a coffee stirrer to that of pen spring. I also rep for the fine hair strand naturals who have fine to medium density hair and have to handle their hair more delicately to retain their length and growth. I love all hair but my discouraged Type 4 girls, I was told to write again for you. I hope my experiences and thoughts will inspire you, help you and encourage you to learn your hair, have patience with your hair, have fun with your hair, feel fly and/or sexy with your hair, don't covet other people's hair and have pride in your hair just the way it is.

Hair should be fun not a competition or comparison. Let the adventures begin!


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