My Hair // Cut and Color Ideas for This Spring/Summer

Spring is almost upon us and I want to breathe some new life into my look some. I want to color my hair again, this time I will NOT be bleaching any of my hair- just adding on top of it. Now that I learned a non caustic way to remove the black hair dye from my hair, I'm want to remove the black and add Shea Moisture's bright auburn color to my hair. I also think I want to get a small undercut on the front left side of my head like Maia (pictured).

Do you want to change up or update your look any for this spring/summer?

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goalsandbudgets said…
That cut looks very nice! I have been on an extension binge since last July, so I'm thinking of wearing my own hair for the spring/summer. I would like to revisit cornrows, but I have difficulty finding the time for the weekly detangle, wash,detangle,style (the wash is nothing, it's usually the detnagle/style!).
I want to lighten my hair a tad bit more and really spice up my style with some funky headbands and styles. Staying the Wash and Go Queen but just adding accessories to bring some life to my hair. Great post.
Anonymous said…
Love the cut!