Brazilian Waxing // My First Experience + Serenity Beauty Spa Review

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Back in 2011, I said I was going to start Brazilian waxing. For financial reasons, I decided not to start just then. My major financial priority at the time was paying off my consumer debt that I had amassed in college and life post college. Waxing [in my book] is a luxury so I couldn't justify the monthly expense when that money could go toward paying off my debt faster. Fast forward to 2013, I am in a better place financially so last month I finally took the plunge.

The Spa Experience 

Based off of great review after great review that I read on Yelp, I went to Serenity Beauty Spa in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Almost everyone praised the esthetician, Irina, in the reviews and she didn't disappoint. She was very professional, skilled and fast. Since I told her it was my first time, she would periodically ask me if I was ok and assured me that the experience would be less and less painful as I continued getting it done (and become desensitized to it). The whole process didn't take more than 15 minutes. The spa itself is small but had a clean, modern industrial feel and decor to it. I'm very big on the energy that I get from people and places and this place had good and calm energy, so when I picked up on that upon walking in, I had a good feeling about the experience I would have. The room where I got waxed was very clean, neat, well lit and looked to be sanitized.  The staff was very nice and professional. I learned that they don't tax you for the service if you pay cash so when I go this month, I will make sure I take out cash to pay. The service was $45 (NOT including tax) and then I tipped about $10, a little over 20%, because Irina was very good and I appreciated her skill and professionalism. $55 for a Brazilian including your tip in that is not too shabby if you ask me. Other places I researched costed around $55 and went up from there, not including tip, so I think I made out.

Enough about the spa, did it HURT?!

For any of you thinking about finally going for it or curious about it, you want to know if it hurt like hell, if I shouted, cried for my mother or Jesus, etc. I totally forgot to take a Tylenol or an Aleve an hour before my appointment, as suggested by seasoned waxees, to help with the pain so I just tried to mentally prepare myself for it as best as I could aka the worst. I'm proud to report that it didn't hurt as much as I had psyched myself up for it to. Sure it was uncomfortable but she was so fast that by the time it all started to get to me some, it was over. I know my experience isn't everyone's. Many of my friends said it hurt like hell fire for them their first time so many recommend taking a pain reliever (like Tylenol or Aspirin) an hour before to help dull it some. If you know your threshold for pain is low, then you may want to do this in preparation for the service. I think too now that I know what it feels like and what to expect, it will not hurt any more than it did my first time.

Some may want to know what kind of wax was used. They used honey wax, which is not the hard wax. I have nothing to compare to since I've never experienced this with the hard wax but the honey wax left me clean and smooth. I liked it.

Maintenance & Care

Since I am prone to ingrown hairs, I have stepped up my exfoliating game and that seems to be doing the trick. When I read up on the lotions intended to prevent ingrowns like Tend Skin or the one by Bliss, I didn't like the ingredients so stepping up my frequency of exfoliating is working. Right now I just use a homemade sugar scrub 2 times a week and that seems to work nicely. I heard salt scrubs are also great for exfoliating that area so I'm going to create one soon and see. Irina recommended getting waxed every 4 weeks. I've heard some say that the more you go, since the hair grows in finer and finer, they are able to extend the time even longer to every 6 weeks. Since I'm a neophyte to this, I will be going every 4 weeks.

Do any of you get Brazilian waxes done? Are any of you "virgins" to it thinking about getting it done or have an appointment made soon to try it out? Share your experiences and thoughts.

Serenity Beauty Spa
211 N 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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mickybelle said…
I have been getting it done for about 6 months now. Yes the hair definitely does grow back thinner, but it also still hurts like the devil, lol! The good thing is that the entire process is so quick and the pain doesn't linger at all. It literally only hurts the seconds she's removing the wax. I've only used the hard wax. I love it and can't imagine not getting it done anymore.